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Pro Series GHDH Combo

Model #3412

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Pro Series GHDH Combo

Model #3412


Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor
  • Large channeled pad with ample rollover cushioning.
  • UHMW grip plate steps on all four corners.
  • Large marine-grade footplate.
  • Four sets of grab handles.
  • Two sets of adjustable/removable resistance band pegs.
  • Wheels for easy transport.
  • Eleven distance settings for the footplate.
  • Six height settings for the footplate.
  • Two snap link attachment points on swingarm.


The posterior chain is where an athlete’s acceleration and speed comes from, and the Pro Series GHDH Combo hits it all. By combining a glute/ham developer with a reverse extension, the GHDH Combo provides complete posterior chain training with heavy-duty details to set it apart from the rest.


As a member of our Pro Series line, everything about this device is commercial-grade. Heavy duty features include marine-grade polymer grip plates, a huge contoured pad, and a large size that accommodates larger athletes while providing more room for exchanging plates on the hyper swingarm.

A lot of thought went into the details:

  • Transport wheels for quick repositioning in the weight room (band pegs double as handles here).
  • Adjustable/removable chrome band pegs.
  • Four integrated steps to assist in mounting/dismounting.
  • Smooth pillow block bearings with grease fittings for easy maintenance.
  • A beefy chrome-plated pop pin cam makes footplate adjustments quick and durable.
  • Side skirts with a laser-cut logo in your choice of colors.
  • Provided with a wide nylon ankle strap.
  • Two eyelets on swingarm allow for handle/accessory attachments for more exercise variety.
  • Fully upholstered leg rollers.

The importance of a strong posterior chain:

At the center of athletic performance training is the importance of a strong posterior chain–the low back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves–as this is where the athlete’s acceleration and speed is born. Glute/ham raises are a very effective form of training this muscle group, placing an emphasis on the hamstrings, while the reverse back extension places more of the emphasis on the lower back, a common problem area for athletes and non-athletes alike.


Legend GHDH Combo dimensions


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