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Pivot Handle

Model #7021-H2

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Pivot Handle

Model #7021-H2


  • Pivot Handle can be gripped then pulled or pushed into almost any direction.
  • Pop pins allow handle depth to be preset into eight different starting locations.
  • Handle can be utilized on almost all Legend Rugby scrum machines.


The Pivot Handle attachment for Legend Rugby scrum machines gives a prop complete customization of reach depth. Players can get the right handle upon the engage depending on their preferred grip and arm length. The flexible nature of the Pivot Handle is perfect for players who want to master arm and hand positioning. A perfect scrum machine add-on that allows players to get the most out of themselves and their Legend Rugby equipment.

This item fits all Legend Rugby scrum machines with adjustable heads. It is available only in black.

Attention Canadian customers: if your school district policy requires you to buy from a Canadian company, please ask us to introduce you to one of our Canadian dealers.

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