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One-Man Titan Scrum Machine

Model #7026

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One-Man Titan Scrum Machine

Model #7026



“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor


  • Lightweight design makes this the most transportable Legend sled.
  • Skids are ready made for all surface types teams encounter.
  • Heads easily and quickly remove for storage and transportation.
  • Dimensions allow it to fit into most car trunks or back seats.


The all new One-Man Titan Scrum Machine is intentionally designed to be easily transported by one person anywhere they need. So it’s great for teams with budgets or those limited to indoor practices. It’s also perfect for teams who are limited in their ability to store and transport larger scrum machines. It does not have the ability to link to any other Legend Rugby sleds.

An Olympic-size chrome-plated peg accepts weight plates for an extra challenge. The weight peg folds down when not in use.

Unweighted, this Legend Rugby scrum machine weighs 96 pounds.

Additional Accessories

The One-Man Titan Scrum Machine will accept the Straight Handle only, as pictured here. The handles are not included with the One-Man Titan Scrum Sled and must be purchased separately. With the handles added on, this Legend Rugby sled weighs 105 pounds.

Color Options

The One-Man Titan Scrum machine is only available in our ultra-durable Textured Black.

 7026 Titan Scrum Machine Dimensions

Attention Canadian customers: if your school district policy requires you to buy from a Canadian company, please ask us to introduce you to one of our Canadian dealers.

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