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Oblique Flexor

Model #3160

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Oblique Flexor

Model #3160


“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor

  • Dual angled hip pads provide stability.
  • Adjustable for user height.
  • Chrome-plated adjustment surfaces.
  • ABS wearguards on upper surfaces of base protect from dropping dumbbells.
  • Fully welded frame for maximum rigidity, strength and durability.


You just can’t beat the simplicity of the Oblique Flexor for sculpted oblique muscles. A uniquely designed V-shaped pad sets the Legend Fitness Oblique Flexor apart from the other dual-use flexor and hyperextension combination pieces. The V shape cradles users comfortably, therefore ab and back workouts are more effective.

A single pop pin adjusts the height of the Oblique Flexor pads smoothly along a chrome adjustment tube. The ample footplate is made from diamondplate for extra grip. It also has a lip across the top for more security. The handles are coated in form rubber for comfort and grip. The top of the base is protected by ABS wearguards, so any weight dropping will not damage the Oblique Flexor.

3160 Oblique Flexor Dimensions

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