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The Speedway Circuit Motor WRX

Model #7053

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The Speedway Circuit Motor WRX

Model #7053


American Flag Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor

Only available as part of the complete Speedway Circuit.

  • 15 levels of spring-loaded resistance.
  • Athletes can work one leg at a time or use both for speed work.
  • Non-skid footplates for safety.
  • Ideal for increasing straight line acceleration and speed.


The Speedway Circuit Motor WRX is ideal for increasing straight line acceleration and speed. It is a must-have for any sport that requires quick starts or long series of accelerations. Sprinters, track and field athletes, tennis players, baseball players, soccer players, football players, and more will all benefit from working on the Motor WRX.

The angled non-skid footplates allow for a more natural forward motion, imitating starting blocks. The case-hardened, chrome-plated guide rods are angled up at 40 degrees. Fifteen levels of resistance make it so that athletes of all skill levels can benefit from the Motor WRX. Multiple grip options and a padded arm rest allow for comfort and security while working legs and glutes.

Manufactured in Knoxville, TN by Legend Fitness, the Speedway Circuit line is made from 11 gauge steel tubing, with aviation-grade cables and marine-grade upholstery. Each piece is available in your choice of one of 30 standard powder coat colors and one of over 80 upholstery colors.

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A rendering of the Speedway Circuit Motor WRX showing dimensions, which are 66.5 inches long, 40.5 inches wide, and 67.5 inches high.

The Super Stride is available as part of the Speedway Circuit set only. To view details on the full set, go here.

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