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Plate-Loaded Leg Press/Hack Squat

Model #3224

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Plate-Loaded Leg Press/Hack Squat

Model #3224


“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor
  • Switch between exercises via removable footplate/seat back.
  • Linear bearings on solid steel shafts at a 45°angle.
  • Unloaded carriage weight: 105 lbs.
  • Fully welded frame for maximum rigidity, strength, and durability.
  • Chrome plated Olympic plate storage.
  • Adjustable seat back angle.


The Plate-Loaded Leg Press/Hack Squat from Legend Fitness is a combo machine that allows you to choose between two leg-burning exercises without sacrificing floor space. Switching between the two exercises is simple. It is just a matter of removing the footplate and seat back of the Leg Press to use the Hack Squat, or vice versa. Both the seat back and the footplate are adjustable for angle, but a 90 degree angle is advised for the footplate when using the Hack Squat.

The frame is fully welded from 3- by 3-inch and 2- by 4-inch box tubing, so this machine is as rigid as it can possibly be. After all, there are no bolts to worry about loosening over time. The carriage moves on linear bearings, offering superior smoothness compared to roller wheels. The 15.25-inch-long chrome weight pegs stand up to abuse and can hold plenty of plates.

The unloaded starting weight is 105 pounds.

If you’re looking for variety and to save on floorspace, the Plate-Loaded Leg Press/Hack Squat is the answer.

3224 Leg Press/Hack Squat (PL) Dimensions

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