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Leg Extension/Leg Curl

Model #918

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Leg Extension/Leg Curl

Model #918


“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor

  • Weight stack accessible from the exercise position.
  • Seat back adjusts for leg length.
  • Multiple starting positions.
  • Adjustable thigh roller.
  • Single pop pin switches between exercises.


Take leg training to the next level with the Leg Extension/Leg Curl combo machine. You can expect nothing but the best from this dual personality pin select machine. It is brilliant, simply brilliant! This one machine really works both the quads and the hamstrings from the same seated position with just one quick adjustment. It is space-saving, effective, and efficient. The weight stack is easily accessible from the seat of the Leg Extension/Leg Curl. The movement is smooth thanks to heavy-duty pulleys and aviation-grade cables.

Weight stack information

The Leg Extension/Leg Curl comes supplied with a 200-pound weight stack with 10-pound plates. You can upgrade to a 250-pound or 300-pound weight stack as well, both in 10-pound increments.

918 Leg Extension/Leg Curl Dimensions


NOTE: This machine features a 30 lb counterbalance to offset the weight of the roller pads and lever arms.

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