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Plate-Loaded Leg Extension/Curl

Model #3135

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Plate-Loaded Leg Extension/Curl

Model #3135


“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor
  • Fully upholstered leg rollers.
  • Smooth, durable pillow block bearings.
  • Frame wearguards.
  • Chrome-plated Olympic weight peg is 14 inches long.
  • Fully welded frame for maximum rigidity, strength and durability.


The Plate-Loaded Leg Extension/Curl is one of our most popular plate-loaded leg machines for good reason. It offers two leg-burning exercises in one small footprint. It’s the perfect piece for home gyms or smaller fitness centers that need to maximize floorspace. The backrest of the Plate-Loaded Leg Extension/Curl adjusts to an upright position for leg extensions. With the release of a pop pin, the back drops smoothly to a decline angle that promotes proper body alignment for leg curls. Strategically placed handles keep you locked into place during both exercises.

Built Legend Strong

The 14-inch, chrome-plated Olympic size peg allows you to load the Plate-Loaded Leg Extension/Curl up with as much weight as you can handle. Since it is fully welded, you won’t feel flexing in the machine when you pull reps, and maintenance is minimal. Bolt-down tabs keep everything sturdy. Polymer wearguards on the frame protect against dropped plates between sets. There’s a little advanced geometry on the Plate-Loaded Leg Extension/Curl, and the results are an extraordinary feel in both leg extensions and leg curls.


3135 Leg Extension/Curl (PL) Dimensions

Weights sold separately. This item now has welded bolt down tabs for safety and stability. Tabs may not be shown in all product images, as this was a feature added after some product photos were taken.

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