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Plate-Loaded Lat/Low Row

Model #3136

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Plate-Loaded Lat/Low Row

Model #3136


“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor
  • Snap link exchange to move between floor rows and pulldowns.
  • Chrome-plated, Olympic-sized load pegs.
  • Frame wearguards protect finish from bar and handle dings.
  • Aviation-grade cable.
  • Glass-reinforced PowerMax pulleys glide smoothly and prolong cable life.


An excellent two-in-one tool for massive back development. Simply exchange one snap link for another to move from deep reaching floor rows to pulldowns. The three-inch thick seat is adjustable for height, as are the upholstered thigh rollers. Load pegs and telescoping surfaces are chrome-plated to minimize scratches and rust. The top of the frame features UMHW wearguards to protect the powder coat finish from the supplied wide-grip lat bar. The weight carriage is finished in our chip-resistant Silver Vein powder coat and weighs 30 pounds. Weight pegs are 8 inches long, for a total of 16 inches, which means you can load plenty of weight for your workouts.

Note that the pulldown bar is 48 inches wide. This is not reflected in the measurements below, so plan accordingly when planning floor layouts.

Also available as a lat pulldown only, as part number 3136-L.

There is a blog post featuring this item. Read it here.

3136 Lat/Low Row (PL) Dimensions

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