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Pro Series Inverted Monster Hooks

Model #3247

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Pro Series Inverted Monster Hooks

Model #3247



“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor


  • Provides another workout zone in front of the cage.
  • Polymer contact surfaces reduce chipping and flaking, protect the bar knurl, and reduce bouncing from hard drops.
  • Ultra High Molecular Weight polymer is extremely durable and replaceable.
  • Securely attaches via case-hardened, 1-inch diameter racking pins.
  • Features include a carry handle and a number window to remove guess work from re-racking.


For those times when you really prefer to do your squatting and racking in front of the cage rather than within it. Built with the same rock solid two-peg design as our standard Monster Hooks, but built to hang on the front of the posts rather than within the cage.

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