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Ground-Based Grappler

Model #3220

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Ground-Based Grappler

Model #3220


“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor
  • Accommodates two Olympic bars.
  • Weighted base plate.
  • Supplied with wide grip handle and vee grip handle.


The Ground-Based Grappler is a weighted base plate with two gimbaled sleeves. To make it work, you secure one or two Olympic bars in the sleeves. Then you have the ability to perform a wide variety of upper body and lower body functional training. It is, essentially a floor-based version of our popular Dual Landmine attachment. The Ground-Based Grappler is a multifunctional piece of equipment that allows a wide range of exercises in one small area.

What comes with the Ground-Based Grappler?

It is supplied with both theWide Grip Handle (3220W) and Vee Grip Handle (3220V), which add even more exercises to an already versatile machine. The bar is sold separately. Comes in Jet Black only.

Check out the assortment of Legend Fitness bars to complete your Ground-Based Grappler setup!

3220 Ground-Based Grappler Dimensions

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