Fusion 7 Dynamic Ladder Module

Model #3268-F7

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Fusion 7 Dynamic Ladder Module

Model #3268-F7


  • Two rungs and three (per side) rope attachment handles.
  • 54″ long arms, 30° incline, and 127″ mounted height.
  • Side mounting point makes it possible to “stack” with other Fusion Modules.


Turn your Legend Fitness Modular or Pro Series cage into a challenging monkey workout station! The Dynamic Ladder Module was designed to be two attachments it one. It offers incline monkey bars plus multiple rope anchor points in a single attachment. The Fusion 7 module has two bars, utilizing the existing multi-grip crossmember as the first ladder rung.

Unlike some similar ladder attachments, the Fusion 7 Dynamic Ladder Module mounts to the top of the cage. The attachment points are on the upper part of the sides instead of the front. This means you can “stack” the Fusion 7 with other Fusion Modules. Mount a Fusion 7 on a Fusion 5 Half Cage module, or to a cage that has a Fusion 1 Module, or even onto one Modular cage that is connected side-to-side to another.

The arms of the Fusion 7 Dynamic Ladder Module measure 54″ long. The incline is 30°. The whole thing reaches a full height of 127″ above the ground when attached to a cage or rig.

3268-F7 Fusion 7 Dynamic Ladder Module

Textured Black is the recommended finish for all pull-up bars and loops of this module. This offers more friction and grip than the usual glossy powder coat finishes.

For your safety, make sure the Fusion 7 Dynamic Ladder Module is only installed on a rig or rack that is securely bolted to the floor. This item is only available for use with the Pro Series Modular Half Cage, Pro Series Modular Power Cage, Pro Series Power Cage, and Pro Series Triple Power Cage. A similar unit is available for use with the Continuum rig system: Continuum Series Dynamic Ladder Attachment.

3268-F7 Dynamic Ladder Module


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  • Two-Tone Powder Coat Finish (no-cost option)
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