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Dual LandMine

Model #3235

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Dual LandMine

Model #3235



“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor


  • Provides multiple ground-based exercises that can be performed in front of the cage.
  • Secures to pre-drilled holes via a single pop pin.
  • Works with Pro Series cages and Performance Series cages only.
  • Provides the option of performing exercises unilaterally with a bar in each hand.
  • Can be split between two users for mirroring exercises.
  • Description

    If you thought the Single LandMine was versatile, wait until you understand what the Dual LandMine (patent pending) can do for your workouts! Slip an Olympic bar into each sleeve and then step outside the cage to seamlessly move from one muscle blasting exercise to another. With one end of the bars in each hand and the other ends secured in the smooth moving gimbals of the Dual LandMine, your cage is transformed from a squat rack to multifaceted machine. Do flys, shoulder presses, light squats, cleans and anything else you can think of. Hand one of the bars to a partner and you can do mirroring exercises to work on athletic independence and reaction times.

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