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Model #3140

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Model #3140


“American Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor
  • Ground-based, full body thrusting exercise.
  • Chrome-plated, Olympic-sized load pegs.
  • Eight chrome-plated, Olympic-sized weight storage pegs.
  • Smooth pillow block bearings.


This sinister-looking device is where powerful linemen are born. Built to deliver knockout power in an explosive way, the Destroyer helps build upper body and trunk strength that can directly correspond to increased sports performance. This piece offers ground-based functional football training with two plate-loaded levers. Explosive, full body presses prepare athletes for the rigors of scrimmage line battle. High quality pillow block bearings with grease fittings offer smooth movements and extreme durability. The arms rest on thick rubber bumpers to reduce noise and dampen impact. The Destroyer has chrome-plated Olympic-sized weight pegs. Foam covered, long-handled grips offer comfort and prevent slipping during workouts. Eight chrome-plated weight storage pegs keep everything at the ready for athletes to train efficiently.

The Destroyer was the basis for our Fusion 4 Destroyer Module, and the starting point for our Patented Fusion 6 Rotating Destroyer Arms Module.

3140 Destroyer Dimensions

Weights sold separately.

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