Continuum 4-Foot Standard Bar Connector

Model #3903-4C1

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Continuum 4-Foot Standard Bar Connector

Model #3903-4C1


  • Fully welded.
  • Available in any powder coat color.
  • Not for use as a side connector.


This fully welded 4-Foot Standard Bar Connector is the perfect wall mount or back connector for your Continuum rig. This one and 3/8 inch diameter bar is the standard crossmember for the Continuum Lifting Station because it is the most versatile and cost-effective connector in the Continuum line. Measuring 42 inches wide, this connector makes it so that a single Continuum Lifting Station area is four feet wide, including the width of the uprights.

The 4-Foot Standard Bar Connector is available in any of our powder coat colors. However, Textured Black is the recommended finish for all pull-up bars of this system. It offers more friction and grip than the usual glossy powder coat finishes. Changing the powder coat finish of Continuum Series crossmembers to anything other than Textured Black will incur a Two Tone finishing charge.

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