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All-Rubber Lifting Platform (6′ x 8′)

Model #3194-R

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All-Rubber Lifting Platform (6′ x 8′)

Model #3194-R


Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor

  • Four-piece tube frame more resistant to dents than channel steel.
  • Also available with a hardwood lifting surface as the 3194.
  • Two ramps.


Our All-Rubber Lifting Platform (6′ x 8′) is one of the longest-wearing, best value platforms in the industry. The CAD-developed, bent tube octagonal frame consists of only four pieces: the left side, the right side, and the two ramps with flanges that cover and strengthen the joint between the two. Fewer pieces mean more rigidity and easier assembly, plus a longer-lasting piece of equipment.

The All-Rubber Lifting Platform (6′ x 8′) is manufactured to withstand the punishment it was built for. The frame is constructed from 2×3-inch, 11-gauge, mandrel bent steel tubing, which is less likely to get dinged and dented. The three-quarter-inch-thick rubber mats are cut with a water jet for a precision fit.

This platform is available in all of our standard colors, though the ramp sections are only offered in black. The rubber lifting area is only available in black rubber. Adding a logo to the All-Rubber Lifting Platform (6′ x 8′) is not an option.

If you are looking for a wood lifting platform instead, be sure to check out our Hardwood Lifting Platform (6′ x 8′).

All-Rubber Lifting Platform (6' x 8') 3194-R

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