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Three-Way Reclining Bench

Model #4124

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Three-Way Reclining Bench

Model #4124


American Flag Made in the USA with American Steel & Labor
  • Transport wheels and kickstand for easy relocation and storage.
  • Designed for the ultimate in space-saving gym and home comfort.
  • Fully welded and padded spotter arm rests with built in cup holders. 
  • Adjustable seat, back, and footrest.
  • Not actually a real product. April Fool’s!


New from Legend Fitness, the Three-Way Reclining Bench provides the ultimate in gym–and home–comfort! Based on our most popular bench, the Three-Way Utility Bench, the Three-Way Reclining Bench is ideal for those who need to have a place to pull reps now and relax later. The ultimate in bachelor pad utilitarian furniture! Built from three-by-three inch, 11 gauge steel for extra stability and durability. All of the pads on the Three-Way Reclining Bench are made of dense, three inch thick foam and upholstered in the highest quality, hand-stitched marine-grade upholstery. The back pad measures 10 1/4 inches, making it just the right size to not get in the way of your shoulder blades for press and fly work, but stable enough for it all. Pad height from the floor in the horizontal position is 17.5 inches.

Available in any combination of our standard powder coat and upholstery colors, with two-tone upholstery available, to ensure it fits with any gym or home decor, the Three-Way Reclining Bench will look just as good in your garage gym or man cave as it will in your living room. Add on wear guard embroidery to match your favorite throw pillow, curtains, or even grandma’s old couch!

Quick and Easy Adjustments

The back of the Three-Way Reclining Bench adjusts from zero to 85 degrees along chrome plated 3/8-inch-thick pop pin plates. This offers the ultimate in seating position for everything from chest work to eating popcorn. The seat bottom adjusts between zero, 15, and 30 degrees quickly and easily with a single pop pin. The leg rest has two angles, like any standard recliner. Transport wheels on the back offer easy relocation from when you want to go from in front of the dumbbells to in front of your big screen TV.

Innovative Built-Ins

The Three-Way Reclining Bench features innovative padded spotter arm rests. They offer an extra layer of safety during sets, whether you’re using a barbell or dumbbells. No more worrying about missing tonight’s episode of the Love is Blind because of a dropped set! The spotter arm rests are, however, small enough to not be in the way should you think “I’ve got this” (we believe in you!). The durable, three-inch think padding offers a comfortable place to rest elbows for everything from bicep work to 12-ounce curls. The dual built-in fully welded cup holders will securely hold everything from your Blender Bottle to your ultra-trendy Stanley Cup, and you can even keep a pint of ice cream or your favorite hard seltzer handy for reclinin’ time!

In addition to our standard Bench Transport Option, the new Three-Way Reclining Bench offers a kickstand so you can move it up and out of the way. Perfect for when you need to fold out the futon or blow up the air mattress!

Kick Back and Relax

The stand-out feature of the Three-Way Reclining Bench is the footrest. It offers not one, but two oversized pads wide enough to accommodate recliners of any size… even the guy who doesn’t skip leg day! It rests at a low angle for non-reclining work or low leg support and pops up for binge-watching whatever series you’re hyper-fixated on this week.

One more thing…

April Fool’s!

Sadly, the Three-Way Reclining Bench isn’t a real product. But we do have a great variety of Utility Benches if you’re looking!

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  • Above it says some stuff.
  • But actually...
  • Nothing.
  • There are no options.
  • This isn't a real product.
  • April Fool's!
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