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Platforms & Flooring

Legend Fitness offers lifting platforms and other flooring options to suit any fitness space.

From garage gyms built for one to membership-based spaces that span thousands of square feet built for hundreds of customers, our flooring options can be customized to suit your needs. After all, the right flooring in a gym is more than just an aesthetic thing… correct flooring ensures a safer, quieter environment for everyone working out. Our flooring experts can work with you to make sure you have what you need.


Weight lifting platforms can help protect your floor while providing a specialized, safer surface for lifts to be performed on. Whether you are looking for a platform that is integrated into your cage, a standalone, a VibePlate platform, or one that sits flush with rubber tile flooring, Legend Fitness has what you need.

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Other Flooring Options

Platforms aren’t for every gym. That’s why we offer more flooring options than just platforms. Whether you’re looking for rubber tiles, rolled rubber, turf, or other flooring, the Legend Fitness flooring experts can work with you to make sure your facility is outfitted with the proper flooring. After all, the correct flooring in a training or fitness center is of the utmost importance.

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