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In case you haven’t noticed, Legend Fitness is rapidly establishing itself as THE power player in the world of strength equipment manufacturing. This is evidenced by the fact that we have forged partnerships with some of the most respected names in strength and sports training.

Rhino Rugby

Legend Fitness is now the licensed manufacturer and distributor for Rhino Rugby sleds in North and South America. Rhino is one of the most widely sought after rugby brands in the world and has become a part of the very fabric of the game itself. Specifically, Rhino scrum machines can be found within some of Americas leading rugby clubs, including Life University, BYU, San Francisco Golden Gate, and many more. Rhino is also the Official Supplier of scrummaging machines to England Rugby, the Welsh Rugby Union, the British and Irish Lions, Bath, the London Wasps, and the Cardiff Blues. In addition to scrummaging equipment, Rhino makes some of the highest quality kit and contact equipment, worn and used by teams all over North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

“Built for the Game”, a motto of Rhino Rugby, perfectly sums up the approach taken by Legend Fitness in manufacturing Rhino sleds. Our attention to functionality, appearance, and durability within our product lines allows us to make some of the best scrummaging equipment in the world, sleds that are worthy of the Rhino Rugby name. Visit the Rhino Rugby website to view their full product line.

D1 Sports Training

As state-of-the-art training facilities, D1 specializes in making athletes faster, stronger, more agile and explosive. It’s a place where everyone who walks through their doors is trained and treated like an elite athlete.

Since 2002, D1 has trained…

  • 200+ Professional Athletes
  • 75+ NFL Combine Training Athletes
  • 300+ Division I Collegiate Athletes
  • 10,000+ Scholastic Athletes
  • 1,000+ Men & Women Executives (weekend warriors, stay-at-home moms, avid golfers and more)

D1 Sports Training has selected Legend Fitness as their exclusive strength supplier.


An incredible warranty, high-quality Dura-Edge polyurethane coatings, Dual-Lock technology and outstanding customer service are the calling cards of this American company. In just a few short years, Umax twice outgrew their California-based facility, even in the midst of a tough global economy. They use their own U.S. patents and hybrid overseas/domestic manufacturing to build superior products at the lowest prices. Today, Umax challenges market dominance as a premium urethane weight manufacturer applying our Mission Statement:


Troy Barbell

For more than 20 years Troy Barbell has been the industry leader in quality and innovation. More than just a free-weight manufacturer, Troy Barbell is a full-service solution.

With 3 distinct product lines, Troy offers the best solution for every application:

  • Troy – Engineered to offer unmatched aesthetics and durability, Troy is the premium institutional & commercial grade free-weight product.
  • VTX – Rugged quality designed for vertical, specialty fitness and functional training applications.
  • USA – Dedicated to providing best-in-class products for the home fitness enthusiast.

Whether you’re looking to outfit a gym, apartment, school or home, Troy delivers stylish durability and value with three distinct product lines each uniquely engineered for your specific application.

Dr. Michael Yessis, PhD

Legend Fitness is pleased to partner with one of the world’s most highly respected minds in the field of sports development and training, Dr. Michael Yessis, PhD. He is professor emeritus, biomechanics and kinesiology, and president of Sports Training Inc. One of the first students of Russian sports and fitness training, he has worked to share those training methods with the rest of the world for the last three decades. He has also developed many of his own training methods and tools, among them one of the very first glute/ham developers. Dr. Yessis is a regular contributor to Legend University and offers his input on the development of new Legend products before they are brought to market.

Tactical Athlete

Tactical Athlete is the brainchild of Jeff Martone. Currently a full-time defensive tactics, firearms and special response team instructor providing low-profile operational development training for the Nuclear National Security Administration, Jeff developed “Hand 2 Hand” kettlebell drills and became an authority on tactical-style cross training overnight. Joined by his wife Maureen and Mark Knight, Jeff teaches a tactical training-influenced fitness regimen that is winning proponents nationwide. Jeff selected Legend Fitness as the exclusive manufacturer of his Tactical Athlete Pull-up System and recommends Legend strength pieces to his clientele worldwide.


VibePlate is the proud manufacturer of the finest Whole Body Vibration platforms on the market. When combined with resistance training, studies have shown that users can double the speed at which they meet their performance goals. Made in the USA from powder coated steel. We are proud to have them as a strategic partner. In fact, their model 2440 is the vital component of our 7007 VibePlate Platform system.

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