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Working with the Best in the Industry

We have established ourselves as a major power player in the world of strength and fitness equipment. However, it is our partnerships with some of the most respected names in strength and fitness that fortifies our status as number one.

We have partnered with some of the best flooring, cardio, and fitness accessory manufacturers on the planet to help you build a complete gym, athletic training facility, or fitness center from the ground up. Additionally, our collaboration with the legendary Dr. Michael Yessis has helped us develop top-of-the line equipment to enhance athletic performance and speed. Read on for more information on our partners.

The Best in Flooring from Ecore

Offering the best in safety, ergonomics, and acoustics, Ecore flooring products are made to withstand the heaviest use. Ecore athletic flooring manages impact and surface hazards better than ever before, which helps make people more productive and comfortable in their environments. The additional benefit of noise reduction helps create functional spaces. Ecore’s innovative use of recycled materials and bonding techniques create a durable product available in as many color options as you can imagine. From rolled rubber and rubber tiles to artificial turf, as well as specialized flooring types, Ecore offers everything an athletic training facility or gym could possibly need. Custom platform areas, logos, and more make it easy to create a space that looks as good as it performs.

Olympic Plates, Bumper Plates, Dumbbells, Kettlebells and More From UMAX

UMAX is a US-based weight manufacturer that offers an incredible warranty, high-quality Dura-Edge polyurethane coatings, Dual-Lock technology, and outstanding customer service. In just a few short years, UMAX outgrew their California facility not once, but twice, even in the midst of a tough global economy. They use their own US patents and a hybrid of overseas and domestic manufacturing to build superior products at the lowest prices. Their extremely fast lead times help raise them above other weight manufacturers.

Perform Better Offers Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Plates and More Fitness Accessories

Perform Better is one the top sources for functional sports performance training equipment as a supplier of quality products from PB Extreme, Keiser, Free Motion, and many more, Perform Better is the premier “one-stop shop” for all your athletic training or fitness facility needs. They carry a variety of medicine balls, balance balls, kettlebells, resistance bands, dumbbells, and other fitness accessories, making it easy to order everything you need for your athletic training facility or fitness center.

Marrs Bar

“In 2003, I was confronted with a crisis: no more squatting due to reduced shoulder mobility and recurring injuries to my wrists and elbows. I met with a welder to design a squat bar that would rest in a low bar position without creating more trauma or causing collateral damage to my joints and spine. The early 85-pound version of the Marrs-Bar was hand-made in 2004, and sat at my gym until 2017. While never intended for public use, I teamed up with my business partner Matt Jones (USAF Veteran) and debuted it at the 2019 Arnold Fitness Expo.

Today, the 65-pound Marrs-Bar has been mechanically streamlined, improved, and uses a proprietary mold that conforms to your shoulders and is both ultra durable and comfortable. Marrs-Bar has one patent and one more pending, and is 100% custom made in central Kansas. The Marrs-Bar is not only great for squats, but for front squats, good mornings, and lunges. Since the bar doesn’t rest on your neck and upper spine but rather in a low bar position like a back pack – it redistrubters the weight and center of gravity like no other safety bar on the planet.”

— Zac Marrs

York Barbell

For over 80 years the York Barbell name has been synonymous with the essence of weightlifting. In fact, York Barbell began shaping the fitness industry through product design, education, competition, and athletic sponsorship from its inception. Since then, York has revolutionized the design of training equipment and products. Offering weight plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls, York has a wide selection of high quality products perfect for heavy use in athletic training centers, but also excellent in home gym setups.

A Valued Partnership with Dr. Michael Yessis, PhD

Legend Fitness is honored to partner with one of the world’s most highly respected minds in the field of sports development and training, Dr. Michael Yessis, PhD. He is professor emeritus, biomechanics and kinesiology, and president of Dr. Yessis SportLab. One of the first students of Russian sports and fitness training, he has worked to share those training methods with the rest of the world for the last three decades. He has also developed many of his own training methods and tools, among them one of the very first glute/ham developers. Dr. Yessis often offers his input on the development of new Legend Fitness products before they are brought to market.

Spirit Fitness Offers a Wide Variety of Cardio Equipment

The Spirit Fitness cardio lineup is extensive, offering treadmills, ellipticals, climbers and steppers, bikes, HIIT trainers, and rowing machines. With options for commercial applications, such as large-scale fitness clubs, as well as residential applications, Spirit truly has something for everyone. Spirit Fitness has been in business for over 30 years, and has consistently offered quality equipment and top-notch customer service to match, while continuing to innovate and build products to exceed customer expectations. From being the first to offer cooling fans, to integrating audio speakers on their products, Spirit understands the motivations behind exercise and builds cardio equipment to suit.

More Cardio Equipment from SportsArt FItness

With over 40 years of experience innovating and manufacturing cardio equipment, SportsArt is a true leader in the fitness industry. The company constantly strives to advance industry standards and is one of the most creative manufacturers of premium fitness, medical, performance, and residential equipment. Additionally, with hundreds of patents worldwide for innovative technologies, such as the award-winning ICARE™system or the ECO-POWR™ Series, SportsArt is the leading green fitness partner, developing products that are instrumental to rebuilding and sustaining lives. Offering an impressive selection of cardio equipment, including treadmills, ellipticals, and cycles, SportsArt offers product to suit any fitness environment need.

Innovative Lifting Platforms from VibePlate

VibePlate is the proud manufacturer of the finest Whole Body Vibration platforms on the market. When combined with resistance training, studies have shown that users can double the speed at which they meet their performance goals. VibePlate platforms are made in the USA from powder coated steel, wood, and rubber. We are proud to have them as a strategic partner and utilize VibePlate model 2440 as the vital component of our VibePlate Platform system.

Streamline Your Purchase with Co-Ops

Legend Fitness is an approved vendor of various National Purchasing Cooperatives. These entities have been designed to allow schools and government organizations to streamline their purchases. In other words, they allow you to bypass the bidding process while maintaining peace of mind in knowing you’re guaranteed exceptional service, unmatched product quality, and the lowest possible prices.

Click here for more information on purchasing through co-ops

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