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Premium Plate-Loaded Strength Equipment

For premium plate-loaded, leverage strength equipment, look no further than LeverEDGE from Legend Fitness.
View the full LeverEDGE line now, or read on for more about how it's made.

LeverEDGE is the ultimate in plate-loaded machines.

This line features extreme user adjustability and ultra-smooth movements. This makes it ideal for everything from athletic training facilities to high-volume fitness centers. So load a couple plates on and pull a few reps. You’ll quickly understand why it’s best plate-loaded strength line around.


LeverEDGE is the ultimate in strength and durability. Designed in 3D CAD software to minimize the use of fasteners for easier setup and extreme rigidity. It also makes for less maintenance. Strong 2×2- and 3×3-inch, 11 gauge steel make up the frames. Heavy-duty pillow block bearings are tough as nails and feature grease fittings for easier maintenance. So nothing will get in the way of another LeverEDGE workout! And like all Legend Fitness equipment, it’s all made in the USA.

Designed for supreme comfort and adjustability

Every piece in the LeverEDGE line was designed to offer proper positioning regardless of stature. Unlike most plate-loaded pieces, each contact point on LeverEDGE is adjustable–from seats to handles–so users of all statures can work out comfortably. Closed-cell foam handles add an extra layer of comfort, which means users can concentrate on building muscle. Dense foam padding throughout offers durable comfort as well. Many of the pieces work unilaterally, giving users the ability to train both arms together, or one at a time.

From basics to specialized

The LeverEDGE lineup offers something for everyone. It includes machines that offer basic weight training exercises, like various chest presses, lat pulldowns, and bicep curls. But there are also more specialized machines designed to target specific muscle groups, like the Tricep Press and High Row. There’s also the Trap/Shrug/Deadlift, which is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in any of our lines.

Two-Tone Color, Standard

Two-tone powder coat and upholstery comes standard on LeverEDGE. So you can choose up to four different colors (two frame, and two upholstery) for no additional charge. And since Legend Fitness offers the largest selection of standard frame and upholstery color options on the market, you can be sure to find a color combo that suits your fitness center’s look and feel. With 30 powder coat colors and over 80 upholstery options, there are… well, we’ve tried to do the math, but it’s easier to just say the color combination options are endless.

Even More Personalization Options

If standard two-tone color throughout isn’t enough, you can also add custom logo embroidery to most LeverEDGE pieces for a small additional fee. This adds the perfect finishing touch to your equipment, and can really make your facility stand out. It’s also a great way to boost team spirit!

The LeverEDGE Product Lineup

Explore our selection of premium plate-loaded strength equipment.

  • LeverEDGE Unilateral Converging Shoulder Press

  • LeverEDGE Unilateral Converging Incline Chest Press

  • LeverEDGE Unilateral Converging Flat Chest Press

  • LeverEDGE Unilateral Converging Seated Vertical Row

  • LeverEDGE Unilateral Diverging Lat Pulldown

  • LeverEDGE Unilateral Converging Vertical Wide Chest Press

  • LeverEDGE Unilateral Seated Bicep Curl

  • LeverEDGE Unilateral Trap Shrug/Lunge/Deadlift

  • LeverEDGE Unilateral Diverging High Row

  • LeverEDGE Unilateral Seated Tricep Press

  • LeverEDGE Unilateral Leg Extension/Curl Combo


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