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Legend Rugby

Legend Fitness has been making strength and conditioning equipment for over 40 years. With numerous rugby players on staff, it was only a matter of time before rugby equipment made its way into our lineup. In 2016 Legend Fitness began making rugby scrum machines and sleds for youth clubs, professional MLR sides, and everyone in between. With popularity increasing, it became clear what the next step had to be. So, in 2019, Legend Rugby officially launched.

Legend Rugby offers the highest quality rugby scrum machines, accessories, and other strength-building equipment for rugby teams. How? We start with the highest quality steel available. Then our fabricators hand-weld everything to ensure rigidity where it’s needed most. The extra-thick black powder coating adds an extra layer of durability. Overall, these pieces of equipment can handle anything! Features like adjustable height heads, innovative attachments, and machines that can grow with your club make it clear: Legend Rugby is the best on the market. And it’s all made in the USA, like all other Legend Fitness equipment.

Legend Rugby scrum machines are hand-welded in Tennessee and come in options fit for all team sizes. Unique attachments are available to build skills.

Legend Rugby Scrum Machines & More

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