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The Best Ways to See the Best in Strength

A side-by-side image showing a Legend Fitness booth at a trade show and the Nex Level Dural installation in Australia.

There are many ways to see Legend Fitness strength and fitness equipment, both online and in person.

Seeing one or two examples of a product in a catalog or on a webpage is nice, but with so many personalization options available from Legend Fitness, those one or two photos really don’t give you a good idea of what’s available. And photos certainly don’t give you a true sense of how a piece of equipment looks in person, or feels when you pull a few reps. That’s why we participate in various trade shows and clinics around the US every year. It’s also why have a vast collection of Showcases available for your viewing pleasure right here on our site.

Upcoming Shows & Events

Pictures are pretty and all, but you can’t get a proper feel for the quality of Legend Fitness strength and fitness equipment without seeing it in person. Fortunately, Legend participates in trade shows and clinics all over the US. This gives you a great opportunity to see our equipment in person, load it up and pull a few reps, and check out the overall quality.

Events are also the perfect time to speak directly with a Legend Fitness Territory Manager about your facility needs. After all, in addition to having the most standard color and personalization options in the industry, we also offer custom weight room design. Our in-house experts can also work with you to make sure you select the proper flooring, cardio equipment, and all other fitness accessories you need for an effective and safe workout environment (that looks good too).

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Installation Showcases

Our Installation Showcases offer you the unique opportunity to see Legend Fitness equipment in various colors, layouts, and facility types. We have photos from around the world, and facilities of all shapes and sizes. You can browse everything from smaller scale home gyms and corporate wellness centers to large scale gyms and training facilities for sports teams. We even have installs in hotels and country clubs for your viewing pleasure. This might just be the largest collection of installation photos available for browsing.

Before you start browsing, it’s worth noting just how different each installation is. Even if you look at all of the Mars Red Showcases, you’ll still see how each facility utilized different attachments to build Legend Fitness to suit their users needs. Different layouts also play a huge role in how spaces look and function. In many cases, our floor planning experts have worked with our clients to develop spaces that are both safe and drive efficient flow during workout sessions. This is what sets Legend Fitness apart from the competition.

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