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Looking to get Legend Fitness items shipped outside the US? Our network of international resellers can help!

International Dealers & Resellers

The Legend Fitness network of international resellers covers most of the globe and is constantly growing. View our list of international resellers below to get more information on getting commercial-grade, American-made strength and fitness equipment to your location. The resellers listed below are the only ones authorized to sell Legend Fitness equipment in their selected areas. Our equipment is only made in Knoxville, Tennessee, which means any manufacturer or reseller claiming to have Legend Fitness equipment made or shipped from somewhere else is not providing you with authentic Legend equipment.

Absolute Performance

Absolute Performance has over 10 years of experience creating the perfect layouts for growing gyms, athletic training facilities, and schools across the UK and beyond. They’ve developed training centers for some big names in pro sports, like Munster Rugby and the Great Britain Olympic team. This UK-based reseller offers everything from strength and fitness equipment to gym design, and they work closely with their customers every step of the way to ensure the final project is perfect. They work with other top-notch vendors, like Legend Fitness, to ensure each facility is stocked with world-class equipment and accessories.

For more information about Absolute Performance, visit their website below.

Go To the Absolute Performance Website

Kinetic Sports

Based in and serving China, Kinetic Sports focuses on creating strength and athletic training facilities for Olympic and pro sports teams, colleges and universities, and other gyms and sports institutions. They are a knowledgable team that brings science-backed philosophies to the table when working with clients to build the spaces they need to for athletic performance or rehabilitation. Kinetic Sports offers a globalized portfolio of products, including Legend Fitness, to ensure the teams and organizations they work with receive the best in the world. Kinetic Sports is the only authorized reseller in China.

For more information about Kinetic Sports, visit their website below.

Go To the Kinetic Sports Website

Gym Supply

Gym Supply, based in Norway, was the first Legend Fitness reseller outside North America. Since 2012, they have grown to supply various European markets with strength and fitness equipment and accessories. They work on jobs of all sizes, from home gyms to large installations, and have outfitted government, business, and commercial gyms. Offering everything from the initial planning phase to long-term service plans to keep equipment functioning properly, Gym Supply does it all.

For more information about Gym Supply, visit their website below.

Go To the Gym Supply Website


For over 20 years MFitness has been supplying Russian sports teams, fitness clubs, and gyms with the best in strength and fitness equipment and accessories. They offer a ground-up approach to fitness centers and athletic training facilities, working with customers to plan spaces thoroughly, choose equipment that’s well-suited for the space, and delivery, installation, and testing of all equipment. The MFitness team also offers marketing support, staff training, and regular maintenance and service for equipment. They offer a wide breadth of strength and fitness equipment, including Legend Fitness, as well as accessories needed to complete a space.

For more information about MFitness, visit their website below.

Go To the MFitness Website

Other International Resellers

In addition to the above resellers, we also work with the following companies to cover as much of the world as possible.

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