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Choosing high school gym equipment can be a daunting task! With hundreds of products in our catalog, it can be hard to choose pieces that will be effective, efficient, and durable enough to withstand the vigors of high school athletes. Since all Legend Fitness products are commercial-grade, that last thing is a non-issue. However, we totally understand the other concerns. That’s why we’ve put together this list of our most popular pieces of strength equipment for high school weight rooms. From half cages to GHDs, benches, bars, and more, we’ve got all the high school gym equipment you need. Scroll down to view our picks, or choose a category:

Half Cages | Posterior Chain Training | Upper Body | Lower Body | Utility Benches | Versatile Pieces

  • Half Cages

    Half cages are our most sought after cage when it comes to equipping a high school athletic training center. They offer the same stability and safety needed for athletes, but take up significantly less space than a standard power cage. Legend Fitness offers three great half cages, all extremely popular in the high school strength training world (and for good reason).

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  • Pro Series Half Cage

  • Pro Series Modular Half Cage

  • Performance Series Half Cage

  • Posterior Chain Training

    The posterior chain (low back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves) is perhaps the most important piece in athletic training. These muscles are responsible for speed and explosiveness in athletes. The stronger the posterior chain, the faster the athlete. From football to basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis... you name it, this part of the body is important and not to be overlooked. We offer many great options in this realm, but these are our top picks.

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  • Performance Series Reverse Back Extension

  • Glute/Ham Developer

  • Partner Glute/Ham Developer

  • Upper Body

    Upper body strength is important to athletes of all kinds. Having a strong upper body is important for throwing, dunking, volleying, and so much more. While we offer a lot of upper body options, lat pulldown/row combos are our favorite. They offer space-saving versatility, working multiple muscle groups in one small footprint. Here are our top picks.

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  • SelectEDGE Lat Pulldown/Low Row Combo

  • Pro Series Seated Lat/Floor Row

  • Rear Delt/Pec Fly Combo

  • Lower Body

    While the upper body is important to athletes, the lower body might be even more significant in building better athletes. An athlete with a strong lower body is faster, more explosive, and has an easier time changing direction. At Legend Fitness, we are huge advocates for never skipping leg day! Here are our favorite pieces of equipment for building lower body strength in high school athletes.

  • Squat Machine with Calf Blaster

  • Pro Series Push/Pull Power Sled

  • Performance Plyo Cushion Set

  • Utility Benches

    Utility benches are must-have pieces of equipment for any weight room or athletic training center. Having the right kind of bench can make or break a lift. We have a wide selection of commercial-grade utility benches, ranging from top-of-the-line to specialized. Here are our top picks for utility benches to have in high school athletic centers.

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  • Pro Series Self-Adjusting Three-Way Bench

  • Three-Way Utility Bench

  • Four-Way Utility Bench

  • Versatile Pieces

    Versatile pieces in a high school weight room are important. They offer more variety for athletes, giving them the opportunity to work multiple muscle groups or change up their exercise routines. We offer a great selection of strength equipment that's unique and versatile. These are some of our favorites unique or versatile pieces for high school gyms.

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  • Cable Crossover Plus

  • SelectEDGE Functional Trainer

  • LeverEDGE Unilateral Trap Shrug/Lunge/Deadlift

  • Multi Storage Rack

  • Legend Fitness Olympic Bar

  • Rotating Destroyer Arms Module


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