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Warranty Information for Legend Fitness Products


Legend Fitness warrants to the original purchaser that Legend Fitness equipment will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the following periods and in the following respects:

Pro Series, Lever EDGE, SelectEDGE Performance Series Varsity Series Legend Rugby Speedway Circuit
Structural Frames1 (excluding powder coat) 15 Years 15 Years 15 Years 5 Years 15 Years
Bronze Bushings, Pillow Block Bearings, & Pulleys 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years
Platforms 1 Year 1 Year
Wood/Foam Plyo Boxes 1 Year
Other Components(specified below) 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Wear Items & Soft Components3 (specified below) 90 Days 90 Days 90 Days 90 Days
Upholstery 90 Days 90 Days 90 Days 90 Days 90 Days
Electronics 120 Days
Legend Fitness Barbells 2 Years
Handles, Grips, & Accessories Not Manufactured By Legend Fitness Refer to Applicable Manufacturer Warranty Refer to Applicable Manufacturer Warranty Refer to Applicable Manufacturer Warranty Refer to Applicable Manufacturer Warranty Refer to Applicable Manufacturer Warranty
  1. Frames are defined as the welded structural element of the product, but not any removable fasteners, parts, or powder coat finishes.
  2. Includes ABS scuff guards, adder plates, aluminum diamond plates, ball bearings, cables, cable retainers, chains, chrome finishes, docking spacers, flex tube (covers raw shafts), guide rods, fasteners, linear bearings, linear rods, Monster Hook wear surfaces, placard spacers, platform rubber, pop pins, powder coating, roller bearings, rubber bumpers, rubber donuts, rubber grommets, rubber saddles (for pro style dumbbell racks), selector pins, shaft collars, snap links, snap rings, springs, thrust bearings, toe stops, UHMW peg guards, weight stacks, wheels, heim joints, and cable assemblies. For Legend Rugby products this also includes the rope portion of pivot handle, pad portion of binding pad, and ground spikes.
  3. Includes end caps, end covers, grip ends, foam rubber grips, smooth rubber grips, hole plugs, self-adhesive rubber, spring collars, stickers and decals, grip tape, turn knobs, and removable handles. May include some upholstery.

Exclusive Remedy
Legend Fitness’ solution for any of the above warranties shall be repair or replacement of defective parts, or the supply of labor to remedy any defect.


Any sale of Legend Fitness products by an unauthorized source or by any other manner not authorized by Legend Fitness shall void the warranty on the applicable product(s). Authorized Legend Fitness dealers and resellers have the knowledge and training to supply you with Legend Fitness products that best meet your needs, and to install those products so that you’ll enjoy their maximum performance.

Legend Fitness factory warranty is only valid on products purchased direct from a Legend Fitness Sales Representative or from an authorized Legend Fitness Dealer or approved Reseller.

  • This warranty applies to only the original purchaser and is not transferable.
  • Use of the equipment in any environment that is subject to excessive temperatures or moisture may void the warranty.
  • This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear – including, but not limited to: cables, belts, chains, wearguards, powder coat finishes, upholstery cuts or any other incidental damage as a result of regular use and attrition or improper cleaning (use of bleaches and alcohols).
  • Under no circumstances will Legend Fitness be liable by virtue of this warranty or otherwise for damage to any person or property whatsoever for any special, indirect, incidental, secondary or consequential losses, damages, or expenses in connection with exercise products.
  • This warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of a defective component of Legend Fitness manufacture. Repair or replacement will be at the discretion of Legend Fitness, and is the sole remedy of the warranty.
  • This warranty does not cover damage that is not a result of a manufacturer defect, including improper assembly, inadequate maintenance, or installation of other parts or components not manufactured or supplied by Legend Fitness.
  • This warranty does not cover damage or failure as a result of an accident, abuse, corrosion, use of the device other than its intended purpose, discoloration of paint or plastic, neglect, theft, vandalism, fire, flood, lightning, freezing or other natural disasters, collision, or unauthorized modifications.


  • You purchase Legend product(s) from an unauthorized dealer or reseller.
  • You purchase used or pre-owned Legend product(s) from a private party, facility or unauthorized source.
  • You purchase Legend Fitness product(s) from an Internet site not authorized by Legend Fitness.

Legend Fitness recommends that you verify if the Dealer or Reseller you are considering is an authorized Legend equipment dealer by contacting the Legend Fitness headquarters. This is especially important when considering purchasing Legend Fitness products over the Internet.


  • Limited 2 year warranty against manufacturer defects or breakage.
  • This warranty does not cover rust, bending due to misuse, or any defect caused from use outside the stated functional capacity of the bar.
  • Warranty against bending does not cover any bar which has been damaged due to negligent or faulty use, alteration, maintenance, storage or handling by the user. Negligent or faulty use includes abusive dropping of the bar (i.e., dropping the bar on a box, bench, spotter arms or hooks in a power rack, excessive dropping with insufficient or damaged bumper plates, or excessive dropping with iron plates, and similar usage).

Any specific issues or product warranty claims will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Warranty Information for Speedway Circuit, Legend Rugby, and Rhino Rugby

  • Warranty information for Speedway Circuit can be found here.
  • Warranty information for Legend Rugby scrum machines can be found here.
  • Warranty information for Rhino Rugby sleds manufactured by Legend Fitness between December 2016 and November 2019 can be found here.

Downloadable Warranty

To download a PDF version of the Legend Fitness warranty, click here.

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