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Olympic Benches, Utility Benches, Bars & More

When you need free weight equipment, you can trust the quality of Legend Fitness.

The passion with which we design and build our cages and racks is just as evident in our free weight equipment. Made in the USA with the highest quality materials, our free weight equipment is as unmatched in quality as the rest of our lines. Whether you need Olympic benches or preacher curls, you can be sure we have the free weight equipment your looking for to complete your.

Utility Benches

Utility benches are versatile gym powerhouses that can easily move and accommodate numerous exercises within a weight room. With the ability to be easily moved in and out of cages and racks, as well as the unobstructed freedom they offer to do bodyweight and free weight exercises, some would say utility benches are an essential piece of gym equipment. It’s a good thing Legend Fitness offers a wide variety to suit any weight lifting of athletic training needs!

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Olympic Benches

Legend Fitness Olympic benches were built to withstand even the heaviest lifters, while still accommodating novice users. From standard flat benches to inclines and declines with storage, and even a competition bench, if you’re looking for an Olympic bench to add to your arsenal, Legend Fitness has it. Our Olympic benches are all available with our standard powder coating and upholstery options, which means you can personalize any bench to coordinate with your team or facility’s look and feel.

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Upper Body Free Weight Equipment

Designed to be used with barbells and dumbbells, our upper body free weight equipment is manufactured in the USA using the highest quality materials. Build upper body strength with preacher curls and rows. Like all Legend Fitness products, our upper body free weight equipment is available in any combination of our 30 standard powder coat colors and over 80 upholstery options.

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No strength training facility is complete without all the heavy stuff. We wouldn’t be a proper strength equipment manufacturer if we didn’t offer Olympic lifting bars, along with other kinds of bars and bar-related things. And while we have the ability to get you any kind of Olympic bars, specialty bars, barbells, dumbbells, and plates, we also manufacture our own bars. That way, we can be sure they are made in the USA, with the highest quality materials, like all other Legend Fitness products. All Legend Fitness bars are machined, tested, and manufactured in the USA.

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