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Download the current Legend Fitness catalog in its entirety or by section of interest.

  • Legend Fitness CatalogThe entire catalog, cover to cover
  • The Legend Fitness AdvantageThe Legend Fitness standard is the reason everyone from high school strength coaches to multi-million dollar sports complex managers choose to outfit their centers with our equipment. Find out more of what sets Legend apart in this section.
  • Pro Series CagesLooking for the perfect centerpiece for your weight room? A Pro Series cage from Legend Fitness is what you need. With accessories galore, Fusion Modules, and more, the Pro Series lineup is the best anyone has to offer.
  • Performance Series CagesThis is the meat of the Legend Fitness lineup, with best-sellers coming from the Performance Series year-after-year. Cages in this series were designed for value without compromise and include scores of options.
  • Continuum Rig System: Expandable, versatile, and manufactured to the highest standards of quality. This section includes information on the Continuum Rig System.
  • Specialty Racks & CagesA variety of specialized lifting racks designed for specific applications. From squat stands for home gyms to the Monolift for real heavy lifters, if you have a unique lifting application, this is where to find what you need.
  • Free Weight EquipmentMade in the USA with the highest quality materials, our free weight equipment is as unmatched in quality as the rest of our lines. This section includes Olympic benches and utility benches.
  • SelectEDGE: Clean lines, hidden cables, and extensive color options make for sleek looks, while big weight stacks and thoughtful design makes the SelectEDGE pin select line relevant for stronger users.
  • Selectorized EquipmentSelectorized machines have long been popular in the membership-based fitness industry, but have been growing in popularity in both the athletic training and therapeutic markets. This section does not include SelectEDGE.
  • LeverEDGE: Plate-loaded, leverage strength equipment that features extreme user adjustability, smooth movements, and abundant color choices. The ultimate in personalized, plate-loaded machines, revered by everyone who loads one up and does a few reps.
  • Plate-Loaded EquipmentAt Legend Fitness, we pride ourselves on a wide variety of top-of-the-line plate-loaded exercise equipment your athletes will love. This section does not include LeverEDGE.
  • Body Weight EquipmentIf you need a piece of body weight equipment to push your athletes to the next level, you’ll find it in this section.
  • Olympic Lifting Accessories: In this section you’ll find all of our Olympic lifting accessories, including Olympic bar jacks, squat stools, and more.
  • BarsWe wouldn’t be a proper strength equipment manufacturer if we didn’t offer Olympic lifting bars. That’s what this section focuses on.
  • Posterior Chain TrainingSpecialized equipment, like glute-ham developers, to target the posterior chain. If you’re looking to truly build fast athletes, look here.
  • Speed & AgilityFrom innovative plyo cushions to linkable sleds, if you want to increase speed and strength, Legend Fitness can push you in the right direction.
  • Storage SolutionsLegend Fitness has a line of accessory storage items to help keep your space free of clutter and your accessories looking great. Includes dumbbell and kettlebell racks as well as barbell and plate storage. 
  • Platforms & FlooringWhether you are looking for a platform that is integrated into your cage, a standalone, a VibePlate platform, or one that sits flush with rubber tile flooring, Legend Fitness has what you need.
  • Speedway Circuit: Developed to reduce injury, Speedway Circuit uses spring-driven variable resistance to mimic natural movements.
  • Legend Rugby: The highest quality rugby scrum machines and accessories, developed by rugby players, for rugby players.
  • Equipment Options: At Legend Fitness, you don’t just get weight lifting equipment, you get personalized gym equipment built to your needs. This section includes add-ons like custom embroidery, post decals, and more.
  • Offering More for Your Gym: From the planning stages to completion, Legend Fitness offers everything you need to complete your gym, including cardio equipment and accessories.
  • Warranty Info: Details about Legend Fitness products and what goes into making them, plus our warranty policies.

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