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From Humble Beginnings to Legendary Status

The fitness industry is a constantly growing business, with scores of manufacturers making thousands of products. Even among those numbers, Legend Fitness stands proudly above, building the strongest, most reasonably-priced, American-made equipment in the industry. Our mission is to continue to provide exceptional strength, fitness, and athletic performance equipment to the international market. Scroll down for a look at Legend through the years.

Since 1977, Legend Fitness has manufactured commercial gym equipment. All Legend Fitness strength and fitness equipment is built at our facility in Knoxville, Tennessee. We don’t unload our stuff from a ship on the coast. From the simplest plate holder to the towering Pro Series Power Cage, our standards of quality can be seen in every weld and powder-coated finish.

We are proud to say that we’re not the only ones who feel that way. From professional and collegiate sports teams to government agencies and health clubs, our commercial gym equipment can be found all over the world. We’re proud to help athletes and average folks forge themselves into something stronger and fitter than yesterday. Legend Fitness offers the most personalization and standard color options on the market. This makes it easy to design equipment that looks right at home alongside your team or brand. Our facility design experts can work with you to develop a safe, smooth-flowing workout center suited to your needs. We are also partnered with the best flooring, cardio, and fitness accessories companies in the world. So we function as a one-stop-shop and can build your facility from the ground up. For an inside look at how we make everything, check out our video here. Or scroll down for a look at our legendary history.

Legend Fitness Has Been Manufacturing the Best Commercial Gym Equipment Since 1977

Legend Fitness Equipment is Proudly Made in Tennessee

Legend Fitness is proud to be a part of the Made in Tennessee program, a partnership between the University of Tennessee and the Center for Industry Services Institute for Public Service. The goal of this program is to support the Volunteer State’s manufacturing community by celebrating the people who are a part of this community, as well as raising awareness of the products they produce. Started in 2013, the Made in Tennessee program allows registered members to have a profile in a manufacturing directory through which other businesses and customers can locate information about products and services. Manufacturing is an integral part of Tennessee’s economy and this program aims to support growth, innovation, and job creation in this sector. The Made in Tennessee program supports Tennessee’s rich manufacturing community by raising awareness of the people behind our manufacturers and the products they make.

For more information on the Made in Tennessee program, or to see all of the companies that are part of it, visit www.madeintn.org.

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Past to Present: The History of Legend Fitness

The rise from our humble beginnings--with blowtorches and pencil drafts--has always been inspired by a tireless effort to offer an honest product at a reasonable price. With innovative, never-before-seen products and exclusive contracts with some of the best names in the business, the future for Legend Fitness is so bright we may have another use for our welding masks...

  • The Beginning: 1977

    Sisko Fitness gets its start in Powell, Tennessee, selling Olympic bar and plate sets to regional customers. Six months later, after repeated inquiries from customers on whether Sisko offered strength equipment, a contract is signed with a small manufacturer in California to provide utility benches and other items.

    One Year In: 1978

    The logistical difficulties of fulfilling orders from a factory on the West Coast drove Sisko Fitness to seek out a local strength equipment supplier. Supply inconsistencies soon convince them that doing their own manufacturing is the next step to take.

  • Rapid Growth: 1979 to The Early 1990's

    Sisko Fitness begins manufacturing a very basic line of benches, employing one full-time employee and two part-timers. Due to additional inquiries, the product line quickly expands to include over 30 pieces of strength equipment by 1980. Other fabrication projects supplemented the strength manufacturing operations into the early 1990's, including building ergonomic sewing stations for Levi Strauss and steel desks for college dormitories.

  • The Legend Name is Born: 1998

    Marketing and branding the equipment under a unique name begins. Per the suggestion of a satisfied client, the "Legend" brand is adopted for both the Sisko Fitness company and the strength equipment. Legend Fitness products are only sold through a network of independent dealers. At this time, the total count of employees is still only three people.

  • Continuing to Grow: 2005 and 2006

    As word of their product begins to slowly make its way through the strength equipment suppliers of the Southeast, Legend Fitness continues to grow in every possible way: the product line expands, more employees are hired, and sales increase.

    In 2006, annual sales reach all-time highs and more advanced manufacturing techniques are adopted. 3D component design, computer-controlled routers, and plasma cutters are introduced onto the manufacturing floor. A direct sales department is established, as well as a small delivery service and an in-house upholstery shop. The Pro Series line of equipment is introduced.

  • A New Acquisition: 2009

    Legend Fitness can now count professional sports teams and championship-winning division schools at every level among its clients. In spite of a worldwide recession, Legend Fitness sales totals tripled over a three-year span. This attracts the attention of Bel-Essex America, who purchases Legend Fitness from the two primary shareholders in fall 2009. Legend becomes the exclusive supplier of strength equipment to several franchises, including D1 Sports Training and Chip Smith's Competitive Edge Sports.

  • Growth & Innovation: 2010 to 2012

    In 2010, Legend Fitness sales are on pace to quadruple the totals achieved in 2006. The premium LeverEDGE line of unilateral plate-loaded leverage machines is introduced and becomes instantly popular among customers, showing up in athletic training centers and fitness clubs around the world.

    With the demand for Legend products continually outpacing manufacturing capacity, Legend acquires a 102,000 square foot facility on Middlebrook Pike in Knoxville, Tennessee. The Pro Series Modular Cage System is introduced, offering customers a way to configure cages to better suit their needs.

  • Continuing to Grow: 2015 to 2016

    In 2015, Legend Fitness saw 500% growth since the end of 2008, making it the fastest growing privately owned strength and fitness equipment manufacturer in the United States. Seeing a need for a sleek, modern line of pin select equipment, Legend Fitness launched the SelectEDGE line of premium selectorized machines at the end of 2015. SelectEDGE was instantly popular in country clubs and fitness centers, as well as athletic training facilities.

  • Celebrating 40 Years: 2017

    In 2017, Legend Fitness celebrated 40 years in business by continuing to grow the product line, adding more Pro Series attachments, innovative Reverse Back Extension machines, and more.

    By this time, Legend Fitness equipment can be found around the world, from Olympic training centers in China to huge fitness centers in Canada, and everywhere in between. Numerous professional sports teams, colleges, and high schools around the US build strength with Legend Fitness. Regular people use Legend Fitness equipment in their home gyms and small fitness clubs around the world.

  • Looking Towards the Future

    Legend Fitness and Bel-Essex America parted ways in 2019, with Legend Fitness becoming its own entity alongside Component Fabricators.

    Legend Rugby was introduced in 2019, bringing the best rugby scrum machines to the US market, after years of research. In 2020, Legend Fitness announced a partnership with Andre Agassi and Gil Reyes, bringing the Speedway Circuit to life.

    The Legend Fitness team continues to innovate while delivering the best commercial-grade strength and fitness equipment around the world.

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