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July 19, 2023

Your Guide to Defining Legend Fitness Racks and Cages

Defining Racks and Cages Doesn't Have to be Complicated

If you’re looking for weight lifting racks and cages, you’ll likely find that there are a lot of options out there. And it probably feels like deciphering cage categories is as complicated as ordering coffee at that big chain with the green logo (you know the one). What’s the difference between a full cage and a double cage? What’s a rack versus a cage? Modular… what? And what the heck is a power station?! Here’s a handy guide to all of our cage categories—and what uses they’re best suited for—so that you can go back to worrying about getting your coffee order right. 

“Rack” versus “Cage”

Racks and cages… what’s the difference? Some folks use the terms “rack” and “cage” interchangeably, and that’s not necessarily wrong. But if you look at Legend Fitness products, you’ll see that when we call something a “cage” it generally has on-board plate storage. So in our book, a “rack” has no plate storage, and a “cage” does. But if you contact us and tell us what your needs are, we’ll show you all the options to make sure you get exactly what you need! Now on to our cage categories…

Defining Rack and Cage Categories: Half Cage

Half Cage

The half cage features an open design with a reduced footprint. Exercises are done in front of the cage, not inside it. Because of this design, a half cage can only catch falling bars that are over the safety arms.

Best Uses: Half cages are great for home gyms, small fitness clubs with limited space, and school athletic training facilities that don’t offer a lot of square footage. They are ideal for smaller floor plans or fitness centers that need to accommodate multiple users at a time but don’t have unlimited space.

Our Half Cages: Performance Series Half Cage (3142), Pro Series Half Cage (3226)

Defining Rack and Cage Categories: Full Cage

Full Cage

Also known as a “Power Rack” or “Power Cage”, a full cage is is a four-post cage that a user performs exercises within. Full cages offer additional safety because they can catch a loaded bar that is falling forward or backward. There is ample space within a full cage for a spotter if necessary. And in some cases, two athletes can work out on a full cage at the same time.

Best Uses: Full cages are fairly versatile pieces. They work for almost any strength training environment that has the room to support them. Legend Fitness offers a variety of full cages to suit various budgets.

Our Full Cages: Varsity Series Power Rack (3121-V), Performance Series Power Rack (3121), Performance Series Power Cage (#3133),

Defining Rack and Cage Categories: Double Cage

Double Cage

The double cage is simply two half cages that are joined back-to-back. This unique design allows two users to perform exercises at once, without compromising space. Generally, the footprint is about the same as a full cage.

Best Uses: Double cages are great for athletic training facilities where several athletes need to be working out at once. Typically, those who choose double cages have them lined up in the center of the room.

Our Double Cages: Performance Series Double-Sided Half Cage (3155), Pro Series Double-Sided Half Cage (3227)

Defining Rack and Cage Categories: Triple Cage

Triple Cage

A triple cage is simply a combination of a full cage with a half cage on the back. This allows three users to work out at once: one within the cage, and two on either side over the safety arms.

Best Uses: A triple cage is good for open floor plans where several athletes need to be working out at the same time. Triple cages are a popular choice for large schools with robust athletic training centers and big teams. Simply put, they offer a more efficient way to plan strength training circuits for multiple athletes at once.

Our Triple Cages: Performance Series Triple Power Cage (3209), Pro Series Triple Power Cage (3321) 

Defining Rack and Cage Categories: Modular Cage

Modular Cage

The Legend Fitness Modular Cages are a modern development of our Pro Series full and half cage designs. They offer more options than standard cage accessories. Our Modular cages feature a walkthrough design. They have the ability to be bolted to other cages to create a “jungle” of interconnected devices and to take advantage of shared rigidity. We’ve also engineered this line to allow for a Fusion Module to be bolted onto the cage for additional versatility. Fusion Modules offer cable exercises, floor thrusting exercises, and more, right on the cage!

Best Uses: Modular cages are best for facilities and coaches who want to make the most of their space. The ability to connect cages and add Fusion Modules gives you the ability to create a custom built system that best suits your team’s needs. In some cases, Fusion Modules can also replace certain pieces of selectorized or plate-loaded equipment, which can be helpful in spaces that need to conserve floorspace.

Our Modular Cages: Pro Series Modular Half Cage (3264), Pro Series Modular Power Cage (3263)

Defining Rack and Cage Categories: Power Station

Power Station

A Legend Fitness power station is similar to a full cage design, but with an open top to accommodate overhead exercises. The front open area is a little deeper to offer an extended lifting area as well.

Best Uses: If you have a team built of tall athletes who need a bit more space to pull reps, power cages are an excellent choice!

Our Power Stations: Performance Series Power Station (3171), Pro Series Power Station (3215)

So there you have it… a quick overview of all of our rack and cage categories.

Ready to get something into your facility? Contact us now to discuss getting the perfect Legend Fitness commercial-grade rack or cage into your strength training facility!

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