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December 14, 2022

The Pro Series GHDH Combo is Plate-Loaded Perfection When it Comes to Building a Strong Posterior Chain

The Pro Series GHDH Combo is Plate-Loaded Perfection for Building a Strong Posterior Chain

The Pro Series GHDH Combo is Plate-Loaded Perfection for Building a Strong Posterior Chain

The lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves form the body’s posterior chain. These muscles are the center of an athlete’s acceleration and speed. In short, a stronger posterior chain means a faster athlete, and at Legend Fitness, we understand this. It’s the reason we have a whole line of equipment that focuses on building this key component of athleticism. One piece in particular stands out as a vital add into any athletic training center: the Pro Series GHDH Combo. This piece of equipment is both a glute/ham developer and a plate-loaded reverse back extension machine, but offers more.

Built to accommodate athletes of all sizes.

As a member of our premium Pro Series line, the Pro Series GHDH Combo is a solid, commercial-grade piece of equipment. It ships fully assembled and is built using the highest quality, American steel, marine-grade upholstery, and smooth pillow block bearings. A chrome-plated pop pin cam means adjustments are easy. The rectangular base means no wobble, even fully loaded.

Built extra large to comfortably accommodate even the biggest users, the Pro Series GHDH Combo features an oversized contoured pad. The adjustable padded leg rollers have eleven distance settings and six height settings. It has four integrated steps to assist with mounting and dismounting from all angles, and four sets of grab handles.

While it’s built to accommodate athletes of varying sizes, the footprint of the Pro Series GHDH Combo is only 78 3/4 inches long by 43 inches wide. This is not far off from our Pro Series Glute/Ham Developer (measuring 82 inches long by 37 inches wide) or the popular Yessis Glute/Ham/Back Machine (measuring 79 3/8 inches long by 34 1/4 inches wide).

Details of the 3412

A multi-functional posterior chain powerhouse.

While the name of the Pro Series GHDH Combo implies that you can only do glute/ham raises and reverse back extensions, we added some thoughtful details with users and coaches both in mind. These details boost the versatility of this piece.

The swingarm features two eyelets, offering the ability to attach handles and accessories. Athletes can do weighted glute/ham raises or even suspended rows. There are also two adjustable, chrome-plated band pegs at the base of the unit, which can be used with elastic bands for extra resistance.

Additionally, we put transport wheels at the back of the unit. The band pegs double as handles. This allows you to move the Pro Series GHDH Combo into the working area and then back out of the way.

See it in action.

Check out this video of our Pro Series GHDH Combo in use.

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