The Legend Fitness Competition Flat Bench Press – Legend Fitness Commercial-Grade Strength Equipment Made in USA

March 25, 2021

The Legend Fitness Competition Flat Bench Press

The Competition Flat Bench Press from Legend Fitness: A Must for Heavy Lifters

A Must for Heavy Lifters

Our Competition Flat Bench Press was designed to withstand the brute force of competitive weightlifters while still meeting all IPF standards for bench presses, and because it’s built by Legend Fitness, the strength of the product doesn’t come at the expense of looks or function.

From the top down, the Competition Flat Bench Press was built to perform. Chrome plated bar catches are built extra wide, measuring four inches across, and taller than average, to make it easy to safely rack up after a set. There are polymer wear guards inside the catches to help protect bar knurling and dampen noise. The bar catches are set 44 inches apart, exactly meeting the IPF standards.

The bar catches are welded to chrome plated posts, which feature laser-cut numbering for easy adjustments, and holes in one-inch increments. They adjust from 29 inches all the way up to 44 inches, exceeding the IPF standard by half an inch in either direction. They are secured by a ½-inch pop pin with a shear strength that far exceeds accepted standards. Additionally, we use extra thick telescoping tubes with only a 0.03 inch gap between the external tube and the inserted posts. This all but eliminates looseness and rattling found in similar benches.

The frame of the Competition Flat Bench Press is constructed from 11 gauge steel and designed to be as fully welded as possible – it only requires two frame bolts. Added support underneath the shoulder area and bolt-down tabs offer an extra layer of rigidity and stability. You can choose any one of our 30+ standard colors for the frame. Wear guards along the bottom of the uprights allows you to lean plates that aren’t in use against it, without worrying about scratches. A welded-on spotter platform measures a generous 18 by 30 inches and is made from diamond plate. This provides a stable space for a spotter to catch any missed lifts.

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The pad is made of ultra-dense foam padding covered in double-stitched 32-ounce marine-grade vinyl. It sits 17” off the floor, right at IPF standards. The pad measures 51 ½ inches by 12 inches, providing a sturdy base that doesn’t get in the way of a lifter’s shoulder blades. You can choose one of our many standard upholstery colors, or spring for a two-tone pad and choose two. An embroidered logo can be added to the pad’s wear guard as well.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for the best flat bench press for competition purposes, the Legend Fitness Competition Flat Bench Press was built to meet all IPF requirements and to exceed your expectations. It is a robust piece that will not budge regardless of lifter or weight. If you’re looking for a standard flat bench press, you’ll find this is the kind of piece you get that lasts a lifetime… because it was built to.

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