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October 5, 2020

The Legend Way: How We Work For You

Legend Fitness: How We Work For You

At Legend Fitness, we’ve always done things a little differently. After over 40 years, it’s an integral part of who we are. Because of this, our commercial-grade strength and fitness equipment is among the most sought-after equipment in the high school, collegiate, and professional athletics realm, as well as in the membership-based gym industry. But just because we make commercial-grade equipment meant to withstand hundreds of heavy reps a day, doesn’t mean it isn’t also at home in a garage gym. Buying Legend Fitness equipment isn’t as easy as searching on Amazon and snagging whatever you find, but that’s part of what sets us apart. So why we do things the way we do? Keep reading…

Made to order, not bolt-together.

At Legend, we don’t keep items in stock. Since we have over 300 products, over 30 standard powder coat colors, over 80 standard upholstery colors, and numerous other ways to further personalize our equipment, keeping most of our items in stock would be close to impossible. Plus, we wouldn’t be able to offer the level of personalization that we do.

Our products aren’t made of pre-cut pieces of steel from overseas that’s bolted or welded together and thrown in a box. For every Legend Fitness order that is placed, our fabrication team cuts down the raw American-made steel, welds it together, powder coats it, constructs the upholstered parts, and puts it all together. Then, our shipping department works to ensure the ordered piece is properly protected in shipping. It’s this extra care that truly sets our American made products apart.

Outfit your whole gym with Legend Fitness.

We manufacture racks and cages, plate-loaded equipment, selectorized machines, free weight equipment, the innovative Speedway Circuit, storage solutions, lifting platforms, and much more, all in our Knoxville, Tennessee location, but we also ofter a host of other products through carefully curated relationships with some of the top cardio, accessory, and flooring vendors in the world.

This means that we also ofter a host of other products through carefully curated relationships with some of the top cardio, accessory, and flooring vendors in the world. This means you can build your gym from the floor up and get everything you need to furnish it, from strength equipment to cardio, weights and accessories, and storage. Whether you’re outfitting a 25,000 square foot fitness center or a 400 square foot space in your house, Legend Fitness has everything you need!

Buying direct from Legend Fitness means extra benefits.

There are quite a few benefits to working directly with Legend Fitness on your equipment purchase. They include:

  • Direct interaction with a Legend Fitness Territory Manager.
  • Lower cost to you, in most circumstances.
  • Easier communications with us regarding equipment personalization, shipping schedules, warranty concerns, replacement parts, and more.

When you fill out the “contact us” form on our website, the Territory Manager responsible for your area will reach out to you to make sure that they are quoting everything you are looking to purchase. Then you will receive your quote, which will include pricing for your equipment, any necessary taxes, a shipping estimate, and any additional costs for installation, if required.

Our Territory Managers are obviously experts in strength and fitness equipment, but they are also well-versed in facility design, athletic training, and coaching. Their knowledge can help you choose the right equipment and design a facility that truly suits your needs.

Build to order means longer lead times, but it’s worth the wait.

Because we make everything to order, using your specified powder coat and upholstery colors, along with any other personalization options you’ve selected, Legend Fitness equipment takes a little longer to make than if we were just tossing some pieces in a box and shipping it out. Typically, orders take between six and eight weeks to manufacture from order receipt. Shipping time depends on the carrier and destination. In our minds, though, quality is worth the wait.

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