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August 2, 2019

Five Essential Pieces of Equipment for Your Home Gym

Five Home Gym Essentials from Legend Fitness

When you’re building a home gym, choosing the right equipment is essential. While ultimately, you need to choose what’s going to fit your space best, making sure you have everything you need to get a full workout in is crucial to creating a space you’ll use often. We consulted with our experts and put together a list of five Legend Fitness items you should have in your home gym.

Home Gym Essentials: Bars

A Barbell

One of the most basic pieces of weightlifting equipment, having a barbell in your garage gym can allow you to get a full body workout in easily. With a barbell you can do squats, deadlifts, lunges, chest press, rows, military press, shrugs, curls, and more. Legend Fitness offers three barbells, depending on your needs and preferences: the Legend Fitness Olympic Bar, the Legend Fitness Bearing Bar, and the Legend Fitness Power Bar. Choose whichever suits your needs, and you’re on your way to building that perfect at home workout space!

Home Gym Essentials: Benches

A Bench

Commonly used at the gym to sit on and post selfies to social media, benches are also used for a variety of exercises. While they range from a simple Flat Utility Bench to the stereotypical Olympic Flat Bench found in many home setups, you’re going to want a more versatile one for a home gym. Our pick for most versatile goes to the Four-Way Utility Bench. The seat back adjusts to eight different angles, ranging from -15 degrees to 85 degrees. The seat itself adjusts four ways, from zero degrees to 15 degrees. Removable leg rollers offer bit more versatility than a standard Three-Way Utility Bench. The Four-Way Utility Bench also comes standard with a handle and wheels, so it’s easy to move out of the way when not in use, a very important feature for smaller spaces like home gyms. And because it’s Legend Fitness, you can get one of your very own in any combination of our 30 standard powder coat colors and over 85 upholstery options.

Home Gym Essentials: Cage

A Rack or Cage

Safety is important, no matter where you’re working out, and having a spotter helps reduce accidents. While it isn’t always possible to have a buddy over to spot you, there are quite a few racks and cages you can use to provide the service without the unfortunate side effects of too many protein shakes. The Performance Series Half Cage is one of our most popular products, largely because it doesn’t sacrifice strength for size. With a footprint of just 55 by 68 inches, it’s pretty compact compared to other cages. However its height (89 inches) can often be a problem for home gyms.

Enter the Peg Squat Rack. While it’s got a hefty 81 by 69-inch footprint, it’s only 71 inches tall, which makes it a better squat rack for rooms with low ceilings. It’s made from the same three-inch square, 11-gauge tubing our big cages are made from, and sports the same fully welded sides, so it’s just as strong and rigid as it’s bigger cousins. It has six chrome-plated Olympic-size weight storage pegs. The 56-inch long exercise area offers a space to catch drops in either direction. UHMW and ABD wear guards protect bars during drops and racking. With no bar catches to remove and replace, it’s the simplest and fastest to use between sets. All in all, the Peg Squat Rack is a great piece for a home gym setup!

If floor space is tight, however, the Peg Squat Rack probably isn’t going to work for you. But you don’t have to sacrifice safety if you’ve got a small space to work with. Our Continuum Quarter Cage/Squat Stand was built with small spaces in mind. It has a 51 by 54 inch footprint and comes ready to assemble, making delivery pretty easy. The uprights feature two-inch hole spacing and laser-cut numbering, which make adjustments quick and easy. The thick, 1 1/4-inch pull up bar offers extra stability, and the included Beefy J-Hooks offer a sturdy place to rack up between sets. Oh, and an added bonus of the Continuum Quarter Cage/Squat Stand? It accepts all Performance Series accessories, so you can customize it to suit your workout needs with items like the Single Landmine and a Plate Storage Attachment. It doesn’t get any more perfect than that!

Home Gym Essentials: Plyo

A Plyo Box

With a recent surge in popularity, plyometric training is among the easiest to do at home. Plyo boxes take up very little space, are easy to move around, and can be used for less explosive exercises, like tricep dips, elevated pushups, split squats, step ups, and even core work. Our Wood Plyo Box 3-in-1 is one of our most popular pieces for fitness enthusiasts who want to start working out at home. It’s both economical and space-conscious, and with heights of 20, 24, and 30 inches it’s versatile and suited for most. It’s built Legend strong, with box joint construction and dual-axis screws holding everything together. Handles cut out on four sides make moving it around easier, and sanded edges make for less intimidating jumps. A great addition to a home gym… just make sure you’ll clear the ceiling if you’re jumping indoors!

Home Gym Essentials: Storage


Everything is fine and dandy in a home gym until someone trips over a kettlebell. Fortunately, for your sanity, we offer quite a few storage solutions that are well-suited to smaller spaces. If all you have is a bar or two and a set of plates, our Plateholder/Organizer is probably going to be your best bet. It has a footprint of just 26 by 26 inches, which tucks into any corner nicely. It offers upright storage for two bars and has six chrome-plated Olympic size pegs. It’s fully welded, so it’ll hold all you need it to for years.

If you need a bit more storage, and want something that’s a bit more all-in-one, our Multi Storage Rack is an excellent solution. It measures 67 by 24 inches and holds a lot of stuff, with slots for bumper plates, a rubber lined tray for kettlebells or other accessories, two upright bar storage tubes, three chrome-plated Olympic pegs, and a chalk bowl for whatever your heart desires. The Multi Storage Rack keeps everything you need neat and tidy, but easily accessible. It doesn’t get any better for a home workout space!

So there you have it, five essential things for your home gym. We know building a home gym can be a daunting task, so check out our curated list of equipment selected just for this purpose: Home Gym Essentials. Don’t forget, we also sell cardio equipment, weights and accessories, and flooring, making Legend Fitness a true one-stop-shop for all of your home gym needs. When you’re done making your wishlist, contact your Legend Fitness salesperson and they’ll get you hooked up!

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