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January 4, 2019

How to Not Be “That Guy” at the Gym

How not to be "That Guy" at the gym

Ahhh… January at the gym. Most people in the world of retail would compare it to Black Friday, the only differences are that most gym noobs usually last all month and things tend to be a little sweatier at your local gym than at your local Target. With all of this being said, all of the New Years resolutioners deserve the chance to get swole too. And when the gym is full of gym noobs the first few weeks after New Years, it may be harder for the #NewYearNewMe personality type to know what is actually okay at the gym and what is NOT okay to do at the gym. So for all of the New Years resolutioners, here is Legend Fitness’ best advice on, “How to not be ‘that guy’ at the gym.”

Don't be the guy who doesn't pick up

Don’t Be The Guy Who Doesn’t Pick Up

Going to the gym requires effort beyond the workout. When using any of the equipment be sure to put everything back where you found it. This concept may seem elementary, but it is often overlooked by many gym noobs. Also, whenever you workout, your body sweats A LOT. So be sure to go beyond putting your equipment back, and remember to wipe the sweaty areas down with disinfectant wipes usually provided by your gym.
Pro tip: Wiping down your equipment is expected when you workout on any type of equipment.

Don't be the overachiever

Don’t Be The Overachiever

The gym after New Years is full of resolutioners, so in order to not be picked out as a resolutioner you might just want to keep things simple. A common misconception about going to the gym is that you have to go all out, all the time. While this may be true for you workout ethic, it doesn’t need to be true for your routine. Sticking to a simple 30-45 minute routine is beneficial for your health, and in no way are you required to pull five muscles in order to prove you had a nice workout. If you are looking for more advice about a simple workout routine check out our blog 3 Ways to Save Time During Your Workout.

Don't be the smelly gym noob

Don’t Be The Smelly Gym Noob

If you aren’t a regular gym goer it can be hard to gage your sweat output. This is a key factor to consider when you are hitting the gym for the first time in a while. Many frequent gym goers have multiple pairs of workout clothes and rotate them in the weekly laundry cycle so they never repeat a workout outfit. Smelling up the gym isn’t only a rookie move but it also just isn’t fun for anyone involved. Also, a common complaint about gym noobs is they forget the deodorant stick. Leaving a stick of deodorant in your workout bag is a great way to never forget it when you workout.

Don't be the instagrammer

Don’t Be The Instagrammer

Yes we get it, #NewYearNewMe is very trendy. But using Instagram at the gym is a total gym noob move. Whether it is a selfie on the equipment, or a mirror selfie during a curl to show all of your followers how much progress you have made in the past 30 minutes. It is a pretty universal thing to just avoid being on social media at the gym.

Needless to say this post-holiday season, you will most likely find yourself at the gym so be sure to consider these four tips to help you to not be ‘that guy’ on your next gym visit. Or, if you want to avoid the gym this holiday season but still want to workout consider jumping straight in to our home equipment and reach out to a Legend Fitness sales rep to learn how you can find machines that best fit your desired home workout routine.

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