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January 15, 2018

More Pro Series Attachments for Even More Customization Options

More Pro Series Attachments for Even More Customization Options

If you have taken a moment to marvel over the University of Alabama Birmingham Showcase, you may have noticed some attachments on the cages you’ve not seen from Legend Fitness before. These new attachments came about when Lyle Henley sat down with our design team to create some custom pieces to help turn the 3500 square foot space into a state-of-the-art fitness center for the return of the UAB football team. In addition to designing three new Fusion Modules for the Modular Cage System, four new Pro Series attachments were created to give the re-born Blazers the tools they needed to stay on top of their game.

More Pro Series Attachments for Even More Customization Options

Double-Sided Pro Series Monster Hooks

Built with the same rock solid, two peg design as our standard Monster Hooks, the Double-Sided Pro Series Monster Hooks (3247-DS) are easy to use, have a long and deep profile, and are fully welded with the exception of the replaceable polymer contact surface. The Ultra High Molecular Weight polymer contact surface is tough enough to suffer through lots of high and heavy drops, yet rarely chip or flake like a hook with steel contact surfaces. Plus, the energy-absorbing properties of the polymer reduce the likelihood that a dropped bar will bounce out, and it protects the knurling on the bar.

The Double-Sided Pro Series Monster Hooks were created to be placed on the front post of a Pro Series cage, providing two workout zones, one in front of the cage and one inside. The case-hardened, one-inch diameter racking pins keep the Double-Sided Pro Series Monster Hooks securely in place, while number windows make it easy to re-rack without guessing on placement. All in all, a great addition to any Pro Series cage!

3.5” Diameter Pull-Up Grips

Whether you saw it on American Ninja Warrior, learned from a rock climbing buddy, or know a gymnast who has used spheres for building grip strength, chances are you’re familiar with using sphere grips to take the pull ups to a whole ‘nother level. And now, you can add these challenging grips to your Legend Fitness Modular cage, or Continuum Series connector.

The 3.5″ Diameter Pull Up Spheres (3.5-SPH) from Legend Fitness are great for building forearm and grip strength. They make for an excellent addition to a cage or half cage, or the perfect add-on to a cage connector to make another workout station. The 3.5-inch diameter is big enough to provide a challenge for athletes of all levels, but not so small that it makes for an easy time. Made from pure polyurethane, the grip area is seamless and textured like a rock climbing grip.

Sold as a set of two with mounting hardware included, the 3.5” Diameter Pull-Up Spheres are only compatible with the 3221-NP2 Custom Nameplate Crossmember for Pro Series cages and the Continuum Modular Bar connectors.

More Pro Series Attachments for Even More Customization Options

Custom Nameplate

You can now add your team name or logo to your Legend Fitness Pro Series or Modular cage with our new Custom Nameplate Crossmember for Pro Series Cages. The new custom nameplate is available in either a standard Pro Series crossmember or as a Pro Series multi-grip crossmember. Both are a double-sided, laser-cut piece that provide the perfect way to boost team spirit!

The Laser Cut Nameplate Crossmember for Pro Series Cages (3221-NP) version can replace the front or rear crossmember of your Pro Series cage and is an easy upgrade to an existing Legend Fitness Pro Series cage. Two 16 gauge laser-cut plates are mounted on 16 gauge solid color plates using stainless steel hardware. This then sandwiches a 1/4-inch steel mount welded to a straight 3×3 Pro Series crossmember. Not only does it look good, but it’s extra-rigid too! You can boost the versatility of this crossmember by adding 3.5″ Diameter Pull Up Spheres.

The Laser Cut Nameplate Multi-Grip Crossmember for Pro Series Cages (3221-NP2) version is similar, but it has the standard Pro Series Crossmember built into it, giving athletes a place to do pull-ups while they admire the laser-cut nameplate. It’s a similar piece, with two 16-gauge laser-cut plates, each mounted to a 16-gauge solid color plate, that sandwich a 1/4-inch steel mount that’s welded directly to the Pro Series Multi-Grip Crossmember.

In either case, the new nameplate options give you a chance to help you showcase your gym name or team mascot in a way that really stands out.

More Pro Series Attachments for Even More Customization Options

Pro Series Safety Straps

Using safety straps in place of spotter arms has some benefits. For one, they damper noise when bars are dropped, something spotter arms don’t do very efficiently. They can also be positioned to roll a bar away from a training athlete or powerlifter in the event of a missed lift, and they do a great job protecting the knurling on bars, which help them last longer.

The Legend Fitness Pro Series Safety Straps (3221-SS) were designed to be easily and quickly adjusted or removed. They consist of two fully welded racking brackets with forged bolts holding three-inch wide, heavy duty, double-layered black nylon straps. There is no need to un-bolt the straps in order to adjust the Pro Series Safety Straps, and once they are mounted they are just as easily removed in case you want to switch back to standard safety arms.

The straps are 36 inches long, so the Pro Series Safety Straps can only be used with our Pro Series full cages (the 3221, the 3264, and the 3263), and three inches wide. The brackets are fully welded and the straps are double-layer black nylon that is rated at 58,800 pounds tensile strength per strap. Like other Legend Fitness equipment, the Pro Series Safety Straps are built to last.

These new Pro Series attachments give you some great ways to upgrade your Pro Series cage without spending a lot of money to do so. Our sales team members can work with you to upgrade your current cage, or build a new one that will suit your needs. Reach out now for more information.

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