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December 13, 2017

More Fusion Modules = Even More Versatility

More Fusion Modules = Even More Versatility

Our versatile and unique Modular Cage System has proven to be a favorite amongst coaches and gym owners alike. It provides the opportunity to fit more equipment in a smaller area, or create a functional space that can make workouts flow more smoothly. Up to this point, we offered four modules for the system, giving users the option to add inside or outside lat pulldown stations, cable columns, or a destroyer module. Combined with connectors and Pro Series attachments, the options were nearly endless. So of course, we added more modules. Here’s a closer look at the Fusion Module additions.

Fusion 5 Half Cage Module

The Fusion 5 Half Cage Module

The Fusion 5 Half Cage Module affixes to the back of either the Pro Series Modular Half Cage or Pro Series Modular Power Cage, adding another dynamic workout station to either cage. The Half Cage then becomes a double-sided half cage and the Power Cage becomes a triple cage. With this addition, the Fusion 5 adds the ability for an additional athlete to train in the same space, without being in the way.

The Fusion 5 comes two ways: with a skinny bar (3268-F51), or with a multi-grip pull up bar (3268-F52). The skinny bar version allows for back-to-back connectors to be used. The multi-grip pull up bar version features our Pro Series pull up bar with a “floating” angled wide grip pull up bar on one side and neutral grip rods on the other. Both options come standardly equipped with top-of-the-line foam rubber grips.

Both versions also feature chrome-plated racking with laser-cut numbering, have frame sides and crossmembers that are fully welded for added strength, and come in all of our standard powder coat colors. Additionally, our thoughtful design team added ABS-protected attachment storage on the lower portion of the frame, which means unused accessories stay off the floor and safely secured in a damage-free, trip-free zone.

Fusion 6 Rotating Destroyer Arms

The Fusion 6 Rotating Destroyer Arms Module

Much like our Fusion 4 Module the patented Fusion 6 Rotating Destroyer Arms Module (3268-F6) provides athletes with a cutting-edge way to work on explosive, full-body presses. Smooth pillow block bearings also keep the Rotating Destroyer Arms moving efficiently. The similarities end there, though.

The Fusion 6 Rotating Destroyer Arms Module offers two workout positions to best fit the needs of the athlete: straight on and converging. They also pivot completely out of the way, moving behind the cage uprights on which they are mounted. This makes it so that users can still use the uprights for squats or other lifts, which helps make workouts more efficient. This adds to functionality and also allows for superset workouts to be achieved without ever having to leave the same station.

Multiple grip positions provide increased effort, as the higher handles offer less leverage than the lower ones. They also easily accommodate users of different heights. For additional resistance training, bands can be anchored on the load pegs and on the cage’s weight storage pegs to add yet another dimension to floor-based exercises. Check out the Fusion 6 in action here.

Fusion 7 Dynamic Ladder Module

The Fusion 7 Dynamic Ladder Module

Incline monkey bars in gyms have been popularized by the crossfit crowd, and now you have the ability to transform either Modular Series cage into a challenging monkey workout station thanks to the new Fusion 7 Dynamic Ladder Module (3268-F7). Designed to offer incline monkey bars as well as multiple rope anchor points in a single attachment, this module has two bars, utilizing the existing Pro Series multi-grip crossmember as the first rung of the ladder.

Unlike some similar ladder attachments, the Fusion 7 Dynamic Ladder Module mounts to the top of the cage, with attachment points on the upper part of the sides of the cage instead of the front. This means it’s possible to “stack” the Fusion 7 with other Fusion Modules. For example, you can mount a Fusion 7 on a Fusion 5 Half Cage module, or to a cage that has a Fusion 1 Module. You also can even mount it to one Modular cage that is connected side-to-side to another. This new piece of Legend equipment allows you to build the ultimate setup from scratch, or make an existing one even better.

With arms measuring 54 inches long and an incline of 30 degrees, the Fusion 7 Dynamic Ladder Module reaches a full height of over 10.5 feet above the ground when attached to a cage or rig. Available in two-tone powder coat, though we do recommend going with Textured Black for the pull up bars and rungs of this module, since that finish offers the most friction and grip.

With this powerful lineup of new Legend Fitness Fusion Modules combined with the existing lineup of cages, connectors and Pro Series attachments, the Modular Series offers a formidable set of options to coaches and athletic directors looking to build an efficient workout space for teams, or to gym owners looking to maximize space and offer more options to members. Either way, our Legend Fitness Sales professionals can help you build and fully customize the cage of your dreams. What are you waiting for? Call today to get started!

Fusion 6 Rotating Destroyer Arms Patent: 10,646,744

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