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November 15, 2017

The New Reverse Back Extension/GHD Combo

976-GH The New Reverse Back Extension/GHD Combo: The Complete Posterior Chain Solution

We have talked about the importance of a strong posterior chain before. In fact, we did so when we announced the addition of the pin select reverse back extension machines to our lineup. With the creation of the new Reverse Back Extension/GHD Combo (976-GH), it makes sense for us to mention it again.

The posterior chain is responsible for explosive response in athletes, which is important in sports like football, baseball, and basketball, where quick reactionary movements and horizontal power are often the key to gaining an advantage over the competition. Additionally, an athlete with a strong posterior chain is less likely to deal with some common injuries that tend to effect athletes who don’t have strength in their lower back, glutes, and hamstrings.

The Reverse Back Extension machines Legend Fitness offers can help build a strong posterior chain, however, to offer a more advanced posterior chain training tool, a Glute/Ham Developer needs to be added to the mix. Glute/ham raises round out the posterior chain needs perfectly, but until now you’ve needed a separate machine to do both exercises, which takes up space and slows down a workout. The more we thought about it, the more we realized we had the power to create a solution… and just like that, a new, all-in-one posterior chain developer was born. Meet the Reverse Back Extension/GHD Combo (976-GH).

976-GH Reverse Back Extension/GHD Combo

Our Performance Series Reverse Back Extension (976) was modified to accommodate a diamond-plate footplate. This new feature allows for quick and easy adjustments in length thanks to quality pop pins and chrome plated adjustment surfaces. The handles move out of the way with a single pop pin adjustment, and the relocated step makes it easy to mount or dismount the machine in either direction.

976-GH The New Reverse Back Extension/GHD Combo: The Complete Posterior Chain Solution

The rest of the high points of the Reverse Back Extension are still present, of course, including a standard 200-pound weight stack (in 10-pound increments), tough but smooth pillow block bearings, PowerMax pulleys and aviation-grade cables. Plus, of course, the Reverse Back Extension/GHD Combo has constant tension on the swing arm, which prevents a swinging motion from occurring. This means that an athlete needs to put forth as much effort on the last rep as on the first, while getting essential stretching in the lower back.

The new Legend Fitness Reverse Back Extension/GHD Combo pin select machine is the perfect addition to any athletic training center or weight room. For more information on moving this unique piece into your facility, contact your Legend Fitness rep now. There is also a flyer available for this product in our Resources section.

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