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October 18, 2017

The SelectEDGE Torso Rotation

The SelectEDGE Torso Rotation 1116

If you are even remotely familiar with our SelectEDGE line of selectorized fitness equipment, you know there’s much to be expected when it comes to a new piece in the lineup. Sleek lines, mandrel-bent tubing, partially hidden aviation-grade cables, and standard two-tone upholstery, all combine into a smooth, easy-to-use strength tool for all types of users. Our new Torso Rotation (1116) is, of course, no exception.

Designed to offer more versatility than most other torso rotation machines, the SelectEDGE Torso Rotation has five knee pad starting positions and extra long grab handles to accommodate users of all statures. With a 150-pound weight stack in 10-pound increments, the SelectEDGE Torso Rotation is suitable for users of all levels. As your core strength increases, a weight stack upgrade is also available.

The SelectEDGE Torso Rotation 1116

Using the Torso Rotation machine is simple. Just set your starting position using the pop pin at the center of the thickly cushioned knee pad, then select your weight using the pin in the weight stack. Kneel on the pad, grab the handles securely, and start rotating. When you finish the reps in one direction, dismount the machine, pull the pop pin to rotate the knee pad in the opposite direction and remount the Torso Rotation, grabbing the handles again. Rotate in the opposite direction to work out both sets of obliques.

The SelectEDGE Torso Rotation 1116

But why does the SelectEDGE Torso Rotation machine have the user kneeling instead of sitting? Being in the kneeling position helps encourage better posture during reps, which is better for your spine. The kneeling position also allows users to take advantage of the five starting positions the SelectEDGE Torso Rotation offers.

Overall, the new SelectEDGE Torso Rotation is another great addition to the line of selectorized, modern fitness equipment from Legend Fitness, and it will surely be a great addition to any gym or training space. For more details about the SelectEDGE Torso Rotation (1116), visit the product page, download the flyer, or contact a Legend Fitness salesperson now.

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