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October 25, 2017

6 Types of Flooring and the Best Workouts for Each

6 Types of Flooring and the Best Workouts for Each

With so many types of training environments available, it can be hard to find one that suits your specific workout needs. Gyms are using innovative surfaces to cater to each athlete’s unique workout requirements, so we’ve listed six different types, along with the exercises that will give you the best results for each one.



Best Workouts: high intensity training, lunges, jumps, great surface for cardio and weight machines

Rubber offers a wide variety of benefits that will give you a safe and effective workout. It cushions the joints giving your ligaments and muscles rest in between each burst of energy. With slip-resistant technology, rubber gives you traction in order to maintain your balance and reduce your risk of falling. In addition, rubber surfaces can also be a great choice for high-intensity workouts.


Best Workouts: yoga, Pilates, stretching

Your joints will appreciate this surface’s soft material. Stretching or twisting into your favorite yoga pose is much more comfortable on foam than it would be on rubber. The thickness of the surface absorbs all the impact, allowing you to focus on really pushing and stretching yourself to new, difficult positions without it being painful on your body.


Best Workouts: multipurpose rooms, high performance play

Uneven surfaces can be rough on your body, but hardwood provides a uniform surface that is shock absorbent so it has less impact on your joints, ligaments, and bones. This is critical to your workout because your muscles must continually acclimate themselves to any irregularities in the flooring.


Best Workouts: sled pushes and pulls, agility training, sprints

There are several benefits of taking your workout to turf. The unique mixture of soft polyethylene and nylon provides shock-absorbing surface that is easy on your joints. This allows you to incorporate dynamic jumps and sudden movements, like sprints.  In addition, the slight cushion helps athletes maintain their position during precise movements such as lifts and stretching exercises.


Best Workouts: full body cardio, strength training

This workout technique takes your workout to the beach,, but it is far from relaxing. Training on sand will instantly amp up your traditional workout. Sand workouts incorporate your entire body using different techniques. The tiny grains of sand covering the floor move with every burpee, jumping-jack, and push up, adding resistance to any movement.


Best Workouts: core strength training, flexibility training

This training environment is not just your average water aerobics class. The workout incorporates anchored floating yoga mats that are made with superior durability and stiffness to maximize your performance. This unique aquatic fitness technique helps build core strength, improves flexibility, all while in a fun environment. Just try not to fall off!


Legend Fitness is an advocate for superior performance. We cater to each athlete’s unique workout requirements, so we can outfit your gym, regardless of the flooring type. Explore our products to find one that best fits your needs.

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