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September 13, 2017

The Core Spider: Weird-Looking, But Effective

The Core Spider

Every so often you come across a piece of fitness equipment that’s so odd, you find yourself wondering if it was put together by some mad scientist or left behind by aliens while you give it a wide berth and sideways glances. Wait, did that thing just move?!

The Core Spider

The Core Spider (3311) is one of those pieces. Weird as it may look, you can get a surprisingly effective core workout in it. With its wide stance, rubber-footed legs, semi-circular handles, and protruding footbox, the Core Spider is an interesting-looking contraption, with or without a stability ball.

Speaking of stability balls, the Core Spider is a BYOB (Bring Your Own Ball) type of party, er, piece of equipment. It doesn’t come with a ball, but most gyms have them… somewhere. Once you place a stability ball on the platform a whole new core workout world opens in front of you, like a portal to another dimension (perhaps the one the Core Spider came from).

If you sit on the ball and secure your feet in the footbox, you can start with standard crunches and sit ups. Add a resistance band looped through the handles or free weights and you can do crunches or sit ups with resistance, a flat press, incline flys, seated tricep extensions, seated bent lateral delt raises, and any other exercise you can think of that involves the seated or prone position.

The Core Spider

Turn on your side and you can work your obliques, adding resistance if you desire. If you flip onto your stomach and secure your feet, you can do hyperextensions or 45-degree hyper extensions with or without resistance, or hyper position rows with a resistance bands looped through the handles. Flip around 180 degrees and you can do back extensions, holding onto the pads, or kneeling preacher curls using that resistance band again. With your rear end on the ball and your feet on the floor, you can loop the resistance band through the handles under you and do a seated lateral delt raise.

The Core Spider

Don’t be afraid to get creative with the Core Spider. It was designed to be versatile and effective at the same time. Sure, you could do most of this on a bench, on the floor, on specialized machines, or even on a stability ball without an odd alien contraption. But the Core Spider offers three things that neither of those options do: the balance benefits of using a stability ball, a stable ball (you’re less likely to be “that guy” who falls off it like a fool), and a place to secure your feet so you can reap more benefits from the core and upper body work you are doing. Think of the Core Spider as a quiet, odd-looking fellow, and don’t be afraid to make contact the next time you see it in a corner all alone.

Looking for more exercises you can do on the Core Spider? Check out the poster in our Resources section.

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