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August 23, 2017

5 Tech Tools to Help You Work Out Smarter

We weeded through all that’s out there to present you with our five favorite tech tools to help you work out smarter.

Strength training and overall fitness has become the next frontier of the tech world, with new gadgets and apps seeming to release every hour. Promising to help us work out smarter, burn more fat, eat better, and generally become superhuman, tech tools can be overwhelming in their scope and number. We weeded through all that’s out there to present you with our five favorite tech tools to help you work out smarter.

Fitness Tracker

One of the biggest trends in workout tech right now is the fitness tracker, with consumers clamoring for the latest and best. And for good reason–the latest generation of fitness trackers doesn’t just measure mileage and heart rate, it tracks every aspect of your health. By measuring sleep quality, rep numbers, target heart rate, and more, you can get a total picture of your workout quality just by wearing a slick bracelet. Our personal training favorites are the Moov Now and the Fitbit Charge, but there’s a ton of options out there to fit every price range and need.


When you’re in the gym working out on the latest Legend equipment, it can be helpful to have a comprehensive library of strength training exercises to reference, not to mention the ability to get accurate feedback when you input workout data like current weight and rep number for each lift. JEFIT offers just that, along with demonstrations of proper form, descriptions of which muscles are isolated during each workout and even recovery exercise options.

Smart Water Bottle

The foundation of a good workout is a properly fueled body. Without quality hydration, your workouts will consistently flop and your plateaus will lengthen. Enter smart water bottles, which track your water intake and remind you to stay hydrated throughout the day to establish healthy habits. Some even connect with your fitness tracker to contribute to your overall health tracking. There’s several options out there, but the Hidrate Spark and the Moikit Cuptime2 are a couple of our favorites.


This is one of our favorite apps that is a must-have for every gym rat. Sworkit can guide your warmup and stretching, and has fantastic flexibility to be useful no matter what your workout goals are. Whether you want an intense CrossFit-style workout or just need a quick, low-intensity regimen for your lunch break, this app can offer it all. While it’s free for a basic version, if you upgrade, you gain access to a 1-on-1 personal trainer.


If you want to perfect your stride when you hit the trails, pavement or treadmill, the next generation of running shoes can coach you to the best form for your specific body type and habits. By integrating undetectable sensors into the sole, these shoes can measure the intensity with which your foot hits the ground, the cadence of your stride, the pronation of your foot, as well as several other variables. This technology can be a key fitness resource not just for the dedicated runner but for anyone who wants to avoid joint stress during cardio. Check out the Altra IQ or the RunScribe to see if this fitness tech tool is right for you.

Of course, what’s left is the workout itself. All the apps and gadgets in the world won’t work unless you actually hit the gym to grind out some quality exercises. With our elite, comprehensive lineup of equipment, Legend Fitness can help you get the most out of your newest fitness app. Whether it’s a cardio, bodyweight, dumbbell or any other kind of workout, Legend has the gear to help you achieve next level fitness. Check out our products today to help you work out smarter tomorrow.

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