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June 14, 2017

The SelectEDGE Dip/Chin Assist Combo

The SelectEDGE Dip/Chin Assist Combo

The clean lines, hidden cables and thoughtful design of our SelectEDGE line has made it one of our most popular fitness lines. As such, we are constantly working to add new SelectEDGE equipment and options. The SelectEDGE Dip/Chin Assist Combo (1122) is one of the newest pieces in the line. It offers everything you could want in an assisted dip/chin combo machine and more. It brings the SelectEDGE hallmarks of style and thoughtful features to two of the industry’s oldest and most effective upper body exercises: the dip and the chin-up.

The dip/chin assist is not a new concept in fitness equipment.

At the gym, you’ll often find the dip/chin assist machine open. It looks complex, which makes it intimidating to beginners. However, the adjustable counterbalance feature of the dip/chin assist makes it ideal for people not yet able to do pull-ups, chin-ups or dips using their full body weight. The new SelectEDGE Dip/Chin Assist Combo offers several innovative features that makes it stand out. These features also make it more inviting to a new user.

To start, our version of the dip/chin assist offers ergonomically-angled wide grips, close neutral grips and grippy rock climbing holds/ This gives users the ability to train different muscle groups, or just really challenge themselves, simply by changing their grip.

The SelectEDGE Dip/Chin Assist Combo

The machine also features a thick knee pad flanked by a pair of handles. The knee pad comes standard with two-tone upholstery, like all SelectEDGE pieces, and is top stitched for durability. If the user prefers unassisted exercises, the knee pad can fold out of the way with one click of a pop pin. The handles that flank the knee pad rotate 180 degrees to offer wide and narrow positions. Flip the handles inward to have your hands by your hips during dips. Rotate them out to keep them out of the way during pull-ups.

The selectorized weight stack at the bottom of SelectEDGE Dip/Chin Assist Combo is easily accessible from the inside of the machine. A 250-pound stack comes standard, but can be upgraded to 300 pounds if necessary. The weight stack glides smoothly up the back of the machine on chrome-plated guide rods. PowerMax pulleys help prolong the life of the aviation-grade cables. At the front of the machine, there are two 16-inch tall steps on either side of the lower frame. Both steps are fitted with high-traction UHMW materials to prevent slipping while getting into position.

The SelectEDGE Dip/Chin Assist Combo

No detail has been overlooked in this new SelectEDGE equipment offering. It has the sleek, rounded styling you expect from the Legend Fitness SelectEDGE line. The Dip/Chin Assist Combo looks right at home in today’s advanced club environments. The frame can be powder coated in one of our standard colors. Combine any two of our upholstery colors for the perfect fit in your gym. As with all Legend Fitness products, the SelectEDGE Dip/Chin Assist Combo is designed and built in the USA.

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