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April 26, 2017

The Modular Cage System: Fusion 3 Module

The Modular Cage System: Fusion 3 Module

Most strength equipment companies make you choose between having a cage and having a cable column, especially if you have limited space. At Legend Fitness, we wanted to make sure that even people with small gyms had the ability to have both workout necessities. So, the Fusion 3 Cable Column Module (3268-F3) was welded into existence.

Simply put, the Fusion 3 Cable Column Module places a cable column between the rear uprights of either Legend Fitness Modular Cage (the Pro Series Modular Power Cage or the Pro Series Modular Half Cage). This allows a second user behind the cage to perform a variety of ground-based cable exercises.

Available in left-facing (3268-F3L) or right-facing (3268-F3R) configurations, you can combine two Fusion 3 Cable Column Modules on cages that are set up back-to-back, creating a cable crossover. A great use of the otherwise awkward alley made when you have rows of Modular Cages connected by 323-72 or 3263-96 Connectors!

The Fusion 3’s adjustment column is chrome-plated for smooth adjustments, with laser-cut numbering for quick leveling. The included weight stack is 150 pounds in ten-pound increments, but if you have heavy lifters in your midst you can upgrade to 200- or 250-pound weight stacks. Typical of all of Legend Fitness’s selectorized equipment, the Fusion 3 Cable Column Module features high-quality bearings and aviation-grade cabling.

To find out how this, and other Modular Cage System items, fit in your weight room, contact your Legend Fitness sales rep today.

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