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April 11, 2017

The Modular Cage System: Fusion 2 Module

The Modular Cage System: Fusion 2 Module

Much like the Fusion 1 Module, the Fusion 2 Outside Lat Pulldown/Seated Row Module (3268-F2) is a lat pulldown and seated row combo machine for back exercises. Both selectorized Fusion Modules come equipped with 300-pound weight stacks, upholstered knee pads that can be swapped for a rugged footplate, and a place to store whichever one isn’t being used. The Fusion 2 Module also comes with an angled pulldown bar and a v-grip, like the Fusion 1. But that’s where the similarities end.

The Fusion 2 Module mounts on the back of either of the Legend Fitness Modular Cages, but puts the user outside the cage instead of inside. This is advantageous in instances where being able to work two athletes at once takes priority over saving floor space. It also helps establish a flowing weight room routine, which allows as many athletes as possible to work out in a shorter amount of time.

Like all Legend Fitness pin-select equipment, the Fusion 2 Module was built with strength and durability in mind. It utilizes glass-reinforced PowerMax pulleys, which feature smooth-shielded bearings and help prolong the life of the aviation-grade cables. The Fusion 2 Module comes with an extra-long bench mounted to the unit, and is long enough to accommodate users of all statures for both lat pulldowns and seated rows.

If you’re interested in finding out how you can use the Modular Cage System to build the perfect jungle for your gym or training center, contact your Legend Fitness sales rep today.

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