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March 24, 2017

The Modular Cage System: Fusion 4 Module

The Modular Cage System: Fusion 4 Module

What do you do when you want ground-based functional training for your team, but don’t have the space to add it to your gym? Simple, you get a Legend Fitness Modular Cage and bolt a Fusion 4 Destroyer Module (3268-F4) to the back. It’s the only Destroyer Fusion model on the market, and not only does it make use of otherwise dead space, but it gives your team the opportunity to get in some ground-based functional training.

The Fusion 4 Destroyer Module affixes to the rear of Legend Fitness Modular Series cages. This makes it easy to integrate a station-based routine into your team’s workout routine and allows more than one athlete to exercise at once.

Explosive, full body presses on the two plate-loaded levers prepare athletes for the rigors of scrimmage line battle, getting them ready to destroy the competition. The Fusion 4 Destroyer Module puts a player in the perfect position to practice getting their pads lower than their opponent’s and really gain leverage. Plus, it works unilaterally to highlight multiple explosive movements involving one side.

Rigidly constructed from 11-gauge steel, the Fusion 4 Destroyer Module has high quality pillow block bearings with grease fittings and stabilizing floor buttresses. The arms rest on thick rubber bumpers and the angled, Olympic-sized weight pegs are chrome plated and feature a heavy duty cotter pin to keep weights in place.

If you’re looking for a powerful Fusion Module for your Pro Series Modular Power Cage (3263) or Pro Series Modular Half Cage (3264), consider adding the Fusion 4 Destroyer Module for the ultimate in power training. Contact your Legend Fitness sales rep to find out how the Modular Cage System can fit in your weight room

There is a flyer available for this product in our Resources section. Click here to download it now.

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