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March 10, 2017

The Modular Cage System: Fusion 1 Module

Legend Fitness Modular Cage System Fusion 1 Module

We did a brief overview of the Fusion 1 Inside Lat Pulldown/Seated Row Module (3268-F1) in our blog post outlining the Modular Cage System, but each of the Fusion Modules bears a more in-depth post. The Fusion 1 module is one of our more unique modules, and it is quickly gaining popularity among high school strength trainers and coaches.

The rise in popularity of the Fusion 1 Module has to do with its space-saving features, as well as the ease with which it is used. Because it is an inside-mount Fusion Module, it adds less than 30 inches to the depth of a cage or half cage, which means it is ideal for smaller training areas that need to maximize floor space.

The 300-pound selectorized weight stack comes in ten pound increments, making it a good fit for novice users and heavy-lifters alike. Switching between exercises is easy, with both the upholstered thigh pads for the pulldown exercises and the fully welded foot plate for row exercises included. Whichever element is not in use can be placed on the integrated storage hook for easy but out-of-the-way access. Also included are an angled pulldown bar and a vee grip.

To use the Fusion 1 Module, simply pull up an adjustable bench—we recommend the Legend Fitness Pro Series Self-Adjusting Three-Way Bench (3222) with the bench docking system—set up the machine based on what type of exercise you want to perform, choose your weight, and go. It’s that easy to get a full workout in on one piece of equipment.

Thanks to its space-saving in-cage design, along with its ease of use, the Fusion 1 Inside Lat Pulldown/Seated Row Module is the best lat pulldown/bench row fusion module available. To find out how this, and other Modular Cage System items, fits in your weight room, contact your Legend Fitness sales rep today.

There is a flyer available for this product in our Resources section. Click here to download it now.

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