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February 27, 2017

The Modular Cage System

Legend Fitness Modular Cage System

The Legend Fitness Modular Cage System is a flexible system that allows you to not only configure a jungle, but also to customize the individual cages in the jungle beyond adding attachments like landmines and Monster Hooks. With five fusion modules that can be bolted to the back of one of our modular cages, you can turn a jungle into a serious workout center.

The Cages

There are two cages in the Legend Fitness Modular Cage System: the Pro Series Modular Power Cage (3263) and the Pro Series Modular Half Cage (3264). Both cages have quite a bit in common, starting with the ability to be bolted to other modular cages via cage connectors. Both cages also have ultra-rigid sides that are a single, welded piece made of three-inch square 11 gauge steel with chrome-plated offset seven gauge racking with laser cut numbering. The Modular Power Cage and the Modular Half Cage both accept Legend Fitness Pro Series accessories, have bench docking as a no-cost option, and are set up so that any of the four Fusion Modules can be bolted to the back.

The major difference between the two cages is the size. The Pro Series Modular Power Cage is a full size, six post cage. It also has 12 chrome-plated, frame-welded, numbered, Olympic-size plate storage pegs that are slightly angled for safety. Add the upright bar storage for up to four Olympic bars and the fact that the Pro Series Modular Power Cage has just 16 bolts across 4 joints, reducing the possible points of weakness and maintenance, and you’ve got one heck of a cage!

The Pro Series Modular Half Cage is the revered younger sibling to the Modular Power Cage. It has the same Olympic plate storage, the same number of bolts and joints, and the same upright bar storage… it’s just half the size, with an open lifting area in a four-post design. A great cage for space that are just a tad too small for a full Power Cage.

And if one cage isn’t enough, there are Modular Cage System connectors to link two, three, four—as many as you like—cages to create your own jungle. 

The Connectors

The Modular Cage System connectors come in two different types and two different lengths. There are back-to-back connectors, which connect the cages (you guessed it) back-to-back, and side-to-side connectors which connect the cages side-to-side. Both connector types are available in 72-inch and 96-inch, and all of them feature a floating, angled wide-grip pull-up bar on one side and neutral grip rods on the other, both equipped with foam rubber grips. All four connectors are pre-drilled to accept the optional Swivel-Grip Pull-Up Handles.

The Modules

There are four Fusion Modules for the Legend Fitness Modular Cage System, and all of them bolt to Pro Series Modular Power Cage or the Pro Series Modular Half Cage. The modules were designed both to provide the ultimate in flexibility for smaller spaces, and to allow those who have larger spaces to fit more exercise equipment into it. We looked at our most popular pin select and plate-loaded machines and worked out a way to incorporate a seated row/lat pulldown combo, our Destroyer, and a cable column into our cages. A focus piece on each Fusion Module will be on the blog soon, but here’s a brief overview on each in the meantime.

The Fusion 1 Inside Lat Pulldown/Seated Row Module (3268-F1) affixes inside the back of the modular cage, turning it into a two-in-one device. It is ideal for configurations where floor space is limited, as it faces inside the cage, and requires a Pro Series Utility Bench to serve as the seat for the exercises. The Fusion 2 Outside Lat Pulldown/Seated Row Module (3268-F2) is similar to the Fusion 1 Module, but it faces outside the cage and has an extra long bench built in.

The Fusion 3 Cable Column Module (3268-F3) is pretty much what it sounds like: a cable column that attaches to the outside of a Legend Fitness Modular Cage. If you have two Modular Cages connected back-to-back, you can create a cable crossover by popping two Fusion 3 modules on the back of each one. A nice, versatile, space-saving module! Note that this module is offered in left-facing and right-facing variants, which simply determines the orientation of the laser-cut numbering for pulley height.

Next, there is the Fusion 4 Destroyer Module (3268-F4), which is our most unique Fusion Module. When mounted on the back of a Modular Cage, it provides ground-based functional training with two plate-loaded levers for outward-facing full body thrust exercises. Perfect for football teams that don’t have a lot of room to train but need to prepare for the rigors of game time with explosive, full body presses.

And finally, the newest Fusion Module, the Fusion 5 Half Cage Module w/Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar (3268-F52). This allows you to convert any Pro Series Modular Cage into a triple cage, giving you the ability to train an additional athlete in the same space, without them being in the way. The crossmember has pull-up stations with a “floating” wide angle pull up bar on one side and neutral grip rods o the other, both of which are equipped with foam rubber grips. This new module is available as a skinny bar version as well (3286-F51), which must be used if connecting multiple cages back-to-back.

If you would like to check out the configurations possible with the Modular Cage series, you can build individual cages on the Build-A-Cage Configurator on our website. Since it’s the most comprehensive configurator in the fitness equipment market, you’ll be able to see colors, add attachments (and Fusion Modules) to your heart’s desire, and even see what different bench choices look like. If you would like to talk to a member of the Legend Fitness team about customizing a Modular Cage System and building a jungle to suit your needs, contact us now.

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