The Legend Fitness Varsity Line – Legend Fitness Commercial-Grade Strength Equipment Made in USA

January 17, 2017

The Legend Fitness Varsity Line

The Legend Fitness Varsity Line

Offering the same American-made quality that we have built our reputation on, the Varsity Line is more economical than our other lines of fitness and strength equipment. Additionally, much of the Varsity Line was built in such a way to allow for easier, and often cheaper, shipping. Thanks to this, the Varsity Line allows a broader section of the market to experience Legend innovation and quality.

The Varsity Line consists of a variety of items, all of which would be just at home in a commercial gym or huge athletic training facility as they would in a garage gym, box, or small high school program. Plus, this line does it all at a fraction of the cost of commercial-grade strength pieces. Here’s a quick look at some of the more popular items in the Legend Fitness Varsity Line.

Continuum Quarter Cage/Squat Stand

We have written about our Continuum Cage System, and one of the standout things about the Continuum Quarter Cage/Squat Stand (3904) is that it was designed to not only be affordable, but also versatile. Since this piece of equipment accepts a variety of accessories, you can build it up to whatever specifications you desire, using some of our higher end add-ons, and end up with a piece of equipment that suits your needs without breaking the bank.

Varsity Glute/Ham Developer

This GHD has been a big hit in the functional cross training community for a long time, and it is our most economical solution for exercising the core and posterior chain. Bolt-together design makes shipping the Varsity Glute/Ham Developer (7003) more affordable, and with flanges on the bolted joints, this unit is strong and sturdy. This is a great addition to a space looking to add a GHD without spending too much money.

Multi Storage Rack

The Multi Storage Rack (3313) is one of those pieces that, if you were to purchase a kettlebell storage rack, a plate holder, a chalk bowl, Olympic bar storage, and bumper plate storage separately, you’d spend quite a bit of money and end up with a ton of space being taken up by all of those units. This single unit can store bumper plates, Olympic bars and plates, kettlebells, elastic bands, medicine balls – it can even serve as a spot to set your water bottle or smoothie at the edge of your workout space, within easy reach. The Multi Storage Rack is one of our more popular pieces of equipment, and for good reason!

There are quite a few other notable products in our Varsity Line, all of which are reasonably priced but still built with passion in Knoxville, Tennessee. If you’re on a tight budget or looking to stretch your budget further, the Legend Fitness Varsity Line is a great place to start.

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