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January 30, 2017

Proper Care of Your Fitness Equipment

Proper Care of Your Fitness Equipment

With the new year in full swing, and no doubt a rush of “Resolutioners” who have decided to get back into shape this year, keeping your fitness equipment in shape is more important than ever. Not only does it keep your gym looking great, but it also helps ensure the safety of your users and continual peak performance of your Legend Fitness equipment. So what steps need to be taken to keep those weight lifting machines in highest working order? Read on for steps to take to ensure proper care of your fitness equipment.

Daily Cleaning Routine

While all Legend Fitness equipment is manufactured using quality components and is designed to offer maximum performance with minimal maintenance, wear is inevitable. Sweat and body oils can break down finishes on metals and upholstery, and let’s face it, not every user wipes things down when they’re done. At the end of each day, spend some time cleaning your machines while doing your inspection rounds. This will help ensure potential corrosive materials do not sit overnight.

Wipe frames and other powder coated surfaces down with a damp cloth. If a more thorough cleaning is needed, a mixture of mild dish soap and water can be used. After cleaning, it’s best to dry the frame completely with a clean, dry cloth. This will further prevent corrosion or rust from forming.

To clean upholstery, use a solution that is ten percent mild dish soap and ninety percent warm water. Apply it with a damp cloth (or a soft bristle brush for more stubborn soiling), and then wipe the residue away with another damp cloth. Completely dry the upholstery with a soft cloth. NOTE: DO NOT use bleach or alcohol-based cleaners to clean equipment. This can cause premature rust and rapidly fatigue upholstery. Doing so will invalidate Legend warranties and guarantees.

Weekly Cleaning and Maintenance

Weekly cleaning should be more thorough than daily cleaning, and you can use the time to do some regular maintenance as well. Doing these things will help you prolong the life of your Legend Fitness equipment if done correctly.

As with your daily cleaning, avoid using harsh cleaners and chemicals and stick to soft cloths and non-abrasive materials to wipe down your machines. Once you have removed surface dirt, you should polish the frames of your equipment with a good automotive or non-appliance wax. This will provide a longer lasting barrier against corrosive fluids. Plus, let’s face it – shiny equipment looks great!

To keep your equipment’s upholstery looking and feeling great, clean it weekly with a standard vinyl upholstery cleaner or lanolin-based hand cleaner. These products will help lubricate the Naugahyde and help it keep its natural flexibility, which reduces the chances of it cracking over time. To restore the luster, lightly spray the upholstery with a spray-on furniture wax and wipe it off with a clean white cloth after 30 seconds. Again, avoid using harsh chemicals that can dry the upholstery, and stick to using white cloths, as colored ones can transfer color.

For selectorized machines, you’ll want to make sure guide rods are clean using a soft, clean, dry cloth to remove all dust and dirt. Then spray a silicone- or teflon-based lubricant onto a cloth and wipe the rods. Avoid oil-based lubricants, as the can damage powder-coated surfaces.

Wipe down and inspect weight stacks on your selectorized machines as well. Chips in the black coating can occur over time and can be covered using a matte black touch up paint or black permanent marker. If light rust appears on the surface, spray rust remover onto a clean cloth and wipe down the weight stack. If you see cracks in the weights or other damage, put an “Out of Order” sign on the machine and contact Legend Fitness for a replacement weight stack.

Linear bearing shafts also need to be cleaned and lubricated regularly, and sealed bearing pivot points should be wiped down and inspected. For more information on how to do this, check out our complete General Safety and Maintenance Guide, which also outlines all of the suggested steps we’ve already mentioned and talks about cable tensions and bearing maintenance.

Things to Avoid

When cleaning, be sure to avoid using harsh chemicals such as ammonia, bleach, solvents, lacquer thinners, acetone, Windex, Simple Green, 409, Lysol, or similar products. These harsh products can damage the powder coating and dry out upholstery. Abrasive materials, like steel wool or hard bristle brushes, should also be avoided, since they can scratch surfaces. We recommend sticking to using white cloths for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, especially upholstery, to avoid color transfer. Proper cleaning chemicals and tools are key to proper care of your fitness equipment!

If you provide cleaning or disinfecting products to your members to use on a regular basis, make sure these products are not harsh, like those listed above. When it comes to Naugahyde, especially, a quaternary ammonia compound or citrus-oil based disinfectant is recommended. Alcohol-, phenol-, and bleach-based cleaners should not be used on upholstered surfaces as this can damage the finish and color of the Naugahyde.

Keep a Regular Cleaning and Inspection Schedule

The above tips are a great place to start when it comes to maintaining your workout equipment. As you develop your regular cleaning and inspection schedule, don’t forget to keep written records of all inspections and maintenance performed. Regular inspections and careful maintenance can help keep your users safe while, at the same time, extending the life of your Legend Fitness equipment. And, of course, should you need replacement parts or service on any of your equipment, contact us right away!

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