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December 7, 2016

Bars Worthy of the Legend Fitness Name

Bars Worthy of the Legend Fitness Name

With our early emphasis on athletic training equipment, notably cages and free weight equipment, we felt it was time to introduce our own brand of Legend Fitness barbells. In partnership with a vendor in Minnesota that possesses the same values toward quality and purposeful design that Legend has always held dear, we began offering Legend-branded barbells in 2014. And while we have the ability to get you any kind of Olympic bars, specialty bars, barbells, dumbbells, and plates, having bars manufactured to our own specifications means we can be sure they are made in the USA with the highest quality materials, like all other Legend Fitness products. We offer three different bars to suit various lifting needs.

Legend Fitness Olympic Bar

When you combine high quality construction with great strength, sleeve spin, and whip characteristics, all machined, tested, and manufactured in the USA, you get the Legend Fitness Olympic Bar (LGD-OLY-BLK). This bar is one of the best values on the market for an Olympic barbell.

It features black zinc plated sleeves and a bright zinc plated bar, with low-rise knurl (and none in the center) that’s perfect for those who don’t care for the sharp stuff. Each sleeve features long, 16.5-inch areas, a one-inch thick collar, dual Oilite bushings that provide the right amount of spin, and dual snap ring ends. This 28.5 millimeter diameter bar exhibits a medium amount of whip during Olympic movements.

Carefully selected alloys keep everything strong and straight. The minimum tensile strength is 190,000 pounds and the minimum yield strength is 175,000 pounds. Olympic and powerlifting marks make it a good multi-use bar, which means you get even more bang for your buck with the Legend Fitness Olympic Bar.

Legend Fitness Power Bar

This is a bar for discerning athletes. Like the Legend Fitness Olympic Bar, the Power Bar (LGD-PB-BRT) is machined, tested, and manufactured in the USA. It also has long, 16.5-inch plate load areas on the sleeves, dual Oilite bushings that provide a good amount of spin, dual snap rings on the ends, Olympic and powerlifting marks, and a diameter of 28.5 inches. This, too, is a bar with an impressive tensile strength of 190,000 pounds and a yield strength of 175,000 pounds, but the similarities end there.

The Legend Fitness Power Bar has a moderate amount of whip for Olympic movements. Both the bar and the sleeves have a bright zinc finish, and the bar itself has a medium-rise knurl (in the center as well) that’s not too sharp and not too flat. The dual Oilite bushings are tucked into a beveled one-inch thick collar. The Legend Fitness Power Bar has all of this while maintaining a very competitive price.

Legend Fitness Bearing Bar

The Legend Fitness Bearing Bar (LGD-NBB-20KG-BRT) is a reasonably-priced, American-made bar with ten needle bearings. With a strong tensile strength of 190,000 pounds and a yield strength of 175,000 pounds, this one will last. In this bar, you’ll get all the spin and quality you need, and you’ll get it all for a price that won’t break your budget. Yes, it does exist!

Manufactured to Legend specifications and IWF standards, this 28mm diameter bar (like the others) is 100% made in the USA from turned, ground and polished steel. Featuring Olympic marks with light knurling (but no center knurling) and bright zinc plating, this bar provides the right amount of grip and hand placement information for explosive lifts. The ten needle bearings are packed with quality lubrication, but once that loosens up a bit, they will spin and spin and spin! The sleeves are also zinc plated, with a 16.25-inch load length and a beveled 1.25-inch thick collar.

The best thing about the Legend Fitness Bearing Bar? If the bearings should ever need servicing, this bar breaks down in the field without the need for a vice or special tools, so you can extend the service life of this bar until it becomes an heirloom.

So whether you’re looking to add a shiny new bar to your home gym or upgrade those bars that have been collecting rust in your training center, Legend Fitness has a barbell that will not only fit right in, but also last for years to come thanks to quality manufacturing in the U.S. and robust materials. Don’t forget, we have great barbell storage options too!

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